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So far, basic “meat and potatoes” stuff…

and a friend made this for me (my Facebook persona is a goat)

I was so touched…

BTW, some Bernie Bros on my timeline were trying to tell me that Bernie was going to win the Minnesota primary. My goodness, these guys are idiots.

Doing my best…

I almost bailed on yoga class; it wasn’t that bad of a class but the instructor had a drum type song and the bass was turned up very high on the stereo. I was a bit like being near a busy street where lots of young guys drive.

But I hung in there and, given that I had left my gloves inside, ran on the track:

12:15, 11:43, 11:44, 11:42, 11:09 (58:36). I’ve done worse; I’ve done better. (8 lap segments, about 1.09 miles per 8 laps) This was 5.48 miles or 10:40 a mile for about 5.5.

This was a lot better than Thursday or Sunday..or last Tuesday for that matter.

Weight: 192.5 (just under 195 with shoes and shorts)

Don’t lament what you can’t do; celebrate what you CAN do.

No, I am not going to publish a math paper in Annals of Mathematics But with diligence, maybe I CAN finish the two outstanding projects I have the end of the summer. There is no reason I can’t make a bit of progress with an hour or two on non-exam weekends.

No, I am not going to deadlift 500 lbs. Probably..not even 400 anymore (my old max was a bit over a 2x year old). But I can work to add 5-10 lb. to what I can do right now…and maybe 3 wheels some day?
No, I won’t run 19:xx for the 5K again. But…maybe 10 minutes slower than that would be a good goal to aim for? No more sub 4 hour marathons, but finishing another walking marathon MIGHT be possible this fall?

This isn’t one of those inspirational videos but rather a practical one.

And as one ages and as stuff happens in life, one can either quit what one loves deep down, or one can make compromises.

Yes, I know..the beard, the type of music ….all kind of eye-rolling for me. But I like this guy’s stuff. He seems to give good advise (I can now do dead lifts without back pain…of course, I am not lifting heavy enough to hurt anything…) and he talks about his own issues and how he resolved them.

Method to Amy’s madness?

It appears that Amy Klobuchar is focusing her campaign on the smaller Super Tuesday states, especially those with non-diverse populations, in hopes of winning delegates. I also notice that Joe Biden appears to be doing well in some southern states.

Maybe there is a method to this madness: the idea that these candidates…maybe Pete Buttigieg too…are playing to their strengths and are therefore better able to take on Bernie Sanders in said states…maybe even win a few?

Is there some sort of “understanding” here? Our best bet might be to get to a brokered convention where Bernie’s plurality is a narrow one…then perhaps a coalition candidate might be able to get the nod.

Sickening Thought Illinois does not vote until 2 weeks after Super Tuesday (17 March). If Joe is still in the running, that is who gets my vote. But my contingency order is:

1. Biden
2. Klobuchar
3. Buttigieg

But what if none of these are left?

Bloomberg, Sanders and Warren?

Warren: super smart, but a dreadful politician; witness her going after Bloomberg so hard. She has the instincts of a scholar: attack the greatest problem that the country faces. But Bernie is taking a much greater toll on her than Bloomberg. A politician would wonder “what strategy is the best one to get me elected?”

Warren seems intent on being the super policy wonk…not that she is wrong, but she is not POTUS..she is campaigning. This is classic Warren:

She is featuring a policy on marijuana selling? Oh good lord..what percentage of likely voters are discussing THIS at their kitchen tables.

Bloomberg: cool ads..that’s about it.

Sanders: ugh…all he does is yell and frankly his supporters embarrass me. But…does that sound familiar?

Yes, Sanders might get us blown out..annihilated ….and …he …might…be …just…crazy…enough…to…pull…this….off.

So..Warren: better expected value…and I am somewhat more comfortable with most of her supporters… (sanctimonious woke liberal a**holes….but I am used to them) but almost a certain loss.

Sanders: loud, moronic supporters that I’d rather not associate with….but…I feel there is a greater variance with his outcome …he is like the “Hail Mary” pass at the end of close football games. Low percentage, but it might just work. Warren would be like running a short hook route ..higher percentage…greater expected gain..but all but guaranteed to be inadequate.

So, it makes me want to vomit to say this, but between Mike, Elizabeth and Bernie…I might vote Bernie.

starting the week off right …sort of

I got up and did:

Rotator cuff
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (went ok)
incline press: 10 x 135, 3 x 155, 5 x 150
decline: 8 x 170
dumbbell shoulder: 3 sets of 10 x 45
goblet squats: 3 sets of 6 x 70 (1 to the bench, other decent depth)
Hammer rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200
clean and press: 3 x 95
back squats (numerous free sets), 6 x 45, 6 x 65 (better than before)
plank, headstand
dead: 6 x 189, 2 sets of 6 x 167 Romanian (felt it)

whew. Parts of this just about killed me; I didn’t rest that much but it seemed unusually hard.

Later, it seemed like I had just a touch of low-grade fever..not sure what is going on. I wonder if I am totally over that crud I had a week and a half ago.
I am just a touch weak, I think.