Catch up: end of year


Yesterday, weights and 5K walk. Walk was a slightly less comfortable than I’d like.

Weights: 70 push ups with PT: 7 sets of 10, including 2 chest-tap/push ups

Pull ups: sets 10, 5, and singles (to get to 50 reps; some were chin ups)

Bench press: 5 x 134, 1 x 155, 1 x 170, 1 x 175, 3 x 165, 4 x 160, 4 x 160
curls: 3 sets of 10
Swiss Bar incline 3 sets of 10 x 94

Then the walk.

Today: lots of PT, more stretching, then a 10K walk (some discomfort at 3.5) but less discomfort than yesterday.

Weight: 193 before walking.


Last night: the women got hammered by Northern Iowa. Oh, it was 35-30 Bradley at the half. But at 34-9 3’rd quarter but Northern in command (a LOT of 3 point makes) and it ended 83-64.

Today: the men pounded Illinois Chicago 79-45, and were up 39-13 at the half. The lead was over 40 points at one point.

Dec 28: home stretch

Slept in, worked out, worked on my “Revise and Resubmit”: one good proof reading from sending out again.

Then to committee work.

Today: PT, push ups (7 sets of 10, one of 20, 10 chest tap push ups), pull ups (sets of 10 and 5; some chin ups too)

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 228 note: one rep was “not touching” and…hmmm maybe switch to sets of 5 of these “no touch” continuous tension reps?

walk: treadmill walk; stiffening of the back had me stop at 45 minutes; but much of the snow is gone and I will go longer on the roads tomorrow.

Whirlwind trip to Indianapolis and back

Monday: got up, worked out.

PT and push ups (6 sets of 10, set of 30, 10 chest tap push ups)
pull ups: sets of 10 singles, 10 reps, 5 singles, 5 reps, enough to get 50

bench: 10 x 134, 3 sets of 5 x 155

curls: 3 sets of 10

high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 94

treadmill walk: 3.18 miles in 40 minutes

Adventuresome drive to the hotel, pick up the boys, and watch the Colts stink (lost 20-3)

Then finally back engine there due to burst pipe..not in our building.

Then drive home today; malfunctioning tire pressure indicator …

Walked 1.1 miles in the slop; did PT in the hotel before leaving.

Bah Humbug.

Back: some stiffness on Monday, (parked at the Hyatt Regency Center; used their online ap parking..0.6) but stretching took care of that. Took the stairs up and down, with no problems. Last year, I could not walk to the parking lot without having to stop several times due to pain.

The Game Icy roads spared me watching the Bears get blown out 35-13. But not the Colts getting hammered 20-3.

Though the first quarter ended 0-0, the Colts could muster no offense. A field goal, set up by a turnover was all they could muster. And tough the Colts defense limited the Chargers to a pair of field goals (even after Colts interceptions), well, a touchdown drive in the 4’th sealed the deal.

We sat in Section 613, row 2. These were not awful seats, but some drunk Chargers fan was berating the older Colts fan…I think I like the 500 section better as there are fewer around you, even if the almost 50 yard line perspective gave you a better view of the game.

No Bears game for me

Looked at the highways: many were ice and snow covered. So I sold my ticket and watched the game at home..ironically, I’d still be on my way home otherwise.

I did PT and two walks: one indoor on the treadmill: about 45 minutes (3.6 miles via the treadmill measure, 3.08 by my Garmin “indoor” measure, so I scored it as 3.35, then a 2.3 miler outside in the snow.
The indoor portion was tough for some reason.

Baby it is Cold Outside!

Well, we got it…worst of it was -8 F, windy, with gusts from 30-50 miles per hour. And the fun part of the day was filling the tires with the low pressure warning due to air being denser and my small compressor was NOT up to the task. Probably time for a new one; I’ve had that little thing for 20+ years and it has served me well, up to now.

Workout: started with PT and push ups: 6 sets of 10. Then I did 40, then more PT.
Outdoor pull ups: 5 sets of 10, though I did touch the feet for a second or two in a few of them. It was -8 and windy so I didn’t care. I got all 50 reps.

Then inside to bench: 10 x 134, 5 x 155, 5 x 155, 5 x 155, all clean reps.
curls: 3 sets of 10. Swiss bar high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 94

Later: walk to the office: 2 mile course at 19 minutes per mile (campus, then a Moss loop). Felt good..but it had warmed to 0..maybe 1-2? Walk home was colder.

What I found out today:

  1. I can squat in my boots (heel)
  2. I can walk slowly sans glute pain..HUGE change from even 3 months ago.

Will I make the Bears game tomorrow? I am for it right now, though which garage should I use?

Before the storm

I got up to beat the storm; I did PT and then started the walk at 7:23: 30 degrees. Finished: 9:00: 19 degrees. Slight outside the hip discomfort at times. Somewhat slippery at times..not terrible.

Later: drove SLOWLY to the Bradley Basketball game; they won 74-55 in a game that was not that “close”; they had a 30 point lead late; it was 36-19 at the half. The defense was smothering.

Not many were there though.

Storm ahead

I don’t know how bad tomorrow’s storm will be. I think that IF the highways are safe to drive on by 6 am on Saturday, I’ll bundle up and go to the Bears game.

I did make great strides on my “revise and resubmit” and it should be ready by the end of the week.

I have also returned to using pillows under my leg for sleeping; helps me wake up with a loser back. Still no NSAIDS for a month now..aside from my large mug of coffee in the morning..I am on nothing. Sober…and well..

Today: did PT (no push ups), pull ups (sets of 10, 10 singles, then 5 crunch singles, set of 5..50 reps), push ups (3 sets of 30, 1 of 10) then deadlifts:

10 x 134, 10 x 184. Not into hard sets of 10 so a lame 5 x 265 4 inch, 5 x 300 lb. 8 inch. No knee bend; very stiff.

Walk: 2 miles steady, and then a commuter walk to the office.

Workout catch up

I’ve been somewhat busy..and working on a “revise and resubmit.” I should be good to go with that by the end of the week.

Lots of sleeping in until..6 am!

Saturday, 17 December: Workout, graduation, TV football.

The workout was PT and a 5 mile walk that went ok; flat West Peoria course.

Sunday: the before game workout was a quick PT session and a 2 mile treadmill walk. Harry and I also walked ..more than I expected; perhaps 3.5 miles total to and from the parking lot to the game.

I’ll talk more about the game further down. Harry, as usual, was great company.

Monday: Weights, and a sort of brisk 3 mile walk in chilly conditions.

Workout: PT mixed with pushups; 5 sets of 10, one of 30, one of 20

Pull ups in 20F weather: did sets of 10, 5 and 5 singles; enough to get 50 reps.

Downstairs for weights: bench: 10 x 134, 4 x 161, 4 x 161, 4 x 161, 3 x 161 (missed lock out on rep 4)

curls: 3 sets of 10, Swiss bar high incline; 3 x 94

Then the walk.

In the evening: caught some Bradley basketball. Kind of a boring game as Stonehill was overmatched; BU lead 41-19 just before half time and won going away 79-50, with lots of guys getting minutes toward the end. Sparse attendance.

Then today: I laid around way too much this morning; did PT and then went to the Riverfront to do some miles. I didn’t have the confidence to do a 3.5 mile out and back, but I did 2.5 miles to the ball field and added a dam section, 2 different loops and one more extra loop at the end to get 7 miles. Some discomfort from 4.5 to 5.5 on the outside of the left hip; paying attention to my gait seemed to help. Temps were 30’s and breezy.

Bears vs Eagles: the game

Seats: Section 432 (upper grandstand) row 3. Like these; got them for 89 dollars before fees (117 with fees). Got a cool scarf

The Bears lost 25-20 but put up a great fight. The Eagles WERE the better team and sacked the elusive Bears QB 6 times; 4 times in the first half. They also forced a fumble that stopped a Bears drive.

Bears missed an extra point and the windy conditions made the Bears punt from the Eagle 30 yard line (got the ball on an of 2 but went backwards)

The game was marred with 2 injuries within the first 2 minutes; fortunately the neck injury for the offensive lineman was not life altering.

After a scoreless first quarter (Bears thwarted one Eagle drive with an interception) the Eagles drove for a field goal. Spectacular running from the Bears quarterback lead to a Bears touchdown, but the Bears missed the PAT.

The Eagles responded with a touchdown of their own; spectacular 20 yard run up the middle by the Eagles quarterback. So it was 10-6 at the half.

Third quarter was explosive. Kick was returned by the Eagles to about midfield, and a drive (spectacular pass to the right flag) set up a touchdown sneak. So, 17-6, but then, after the Bears punted, they forced a fumble after catch, and then from the 15, drove it in on a short pass. It was now 17-13 and it was getting interesting.

Now in the 4’th, one Eagle drive ended on a doink field goal attempt. But a second drive, lead by a long pass inside the Bears’ 4 yard line set up a sneak and a nifty 2 point conversion (quarterback roll out to the weak side off of an unbalanced line) made it 25-13.

Bears did not give up; they had one time out and just under 4 minutes; in fact, they scored a touchdown off of a long pass and a roll out. So it was 25-20 with just under 3 minutes left, and the Bears had one time out.

An onside kick failed and the Eagles put it away on a 3rd down pass (slant route).

Great game.

Cold: yes; some wind, and the high reached 21. It was in the teens early and late; I was bundled up enough and did not have to button my coat. But my hands and feet; especially my feet. I will look into electric socks or insoles.