Summary and some Chiefs baseball

Today: lot of PT, weights, walk then a ball game.

The workout:

pull ups: 5 sets of 10, 6 and 5

push ups: 30, 30 (sissy, elevated), 20, 10 (messed up the count)

presses: 3 sets of high incline with 88

curls: 3 sets of 10

single arm rows: careful with 40 lb dumbbell: 3 sets of 10

deadlifts: all low: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

Kind of wondered; maybe oh so slight residual soreness in the left leg/glute?

Then a 1.29 mile walk. it was ok; felt it in the last .2


1.73 , 2, 1.62, 2, 1.29 for 8.64 It is getting somewhat better.

Later: watched the Chiefs lose 6-3…kind of gory. Last two five game series: only 1 win.

Took my buddy Tracy today; very pleasant weather.

Workout videos

Bouncing back

Yesterday was a blah day..shoulder ached, back/glute was touchy, even my knee ached. Today was much better. Far less overall pain and weight was 203..down 2 lb from yesterday (clearly I was bloated)

PT 1 at home, including new shoulder stretches.

Swim 1850 yards done as follows:

1000 of: 4 x (100 free, 100 side, 50 front kick (no fins))

300 of 100 kick drills with fins)

400 of 50 swim, 50 pull on the 2:30 (1:50 each)

100 in 1:44 (yeah, sucks..)

50 slow back stroke.

Had the pool to myself: go figure.

The a lot of PT in the playground; embarrassed myself a bit on the balance course.

2 mile walk; too damned slow mile 1.

15:12/15:08. Ok, the first 1.4-1.5 were pain free..some symptoms at 1.6-1.7 but I forced myself to pay attention to posture and that helped a great deal.

It is getting better…slowly.

Stiff joint day

I was a bit worried about shoulder ache..but then..and this was almost reassuring, my knees ached a bit too. It was one of those “rougher than average” days where things kind of hurt.

Still caution in the pool was in order: lots of off strokes and some fin work (with swim socks)

600: 4 sets of 50 free, 50 side, 50 breast

200 of 25 free, 25 back

200 of my weird 100 medley: 25 free, 25 back, 25 breast, 25 free (free in place of fly)

200 of fin drills

100 of dolphin kicks

200 of 50 free, 50 pull 50 fins, 50 fins

Side and back to get to 1650 total.

The PT was ok; walk ..I started out not driving my knees but rather slinging my legs forward..not good…started to feel symptoms early and then switched to a more robust walk; first mile took 16:01

Weight (after breakfast) 205 but I WAS bloated…

Some days, it just doesn’t work.

Another semester in the books…

And tonight, I’ll celebrate with some Chiefs baseball.

I worked out this morning; it was a leisurely weight workout. Back is feeling much better though it is far from healed.

Shoulder: have the “did I sleep on it wrong” ache..slight, but given my propensity for trouble, I’ll be careful.

Workout: every PT exercise, save the side plank ones.

pull ups: 5 sets of 10, 6 chins, 5 wide.

Push ups: 30-30-30-10, with 2 of them inclined (easy), 1 declined, then 10 regular

Swiss bar bench: 3 sets of 10 x 134 (feet elevated)

Curls: 3 sets of 10 x 50

rows (brought those back, being careful with posture) 10 x 24, 2 sets of 10 x 40 each arm on my old bench for balance, with belt

light deadlifts: low handle, 10 x 134, 10 x 184. These felt great. No post workout left leg soreness.


I did feel a slight ache in the right shoulder then a “catch” toward the end (after stopping). No, I don’t want to go back, but I will adjust what I am doing. I do feel a forward pull in my shoulders; time to bring back rows in one form or another (make them back friendly?) and chest stretches.

And maybe, gradually reintroduce back stroke.

Workout notes:

Sleepy…a bit high after a night of Chiefs baseball (10-1 loss..4 errors).

Swim: 1800 yards:

5 x 50 free, 50 side

10 x 25 drill, 25 swim (lots of forward kicking)

10 x 50 on the 1:10. Mostly 50-51 though the last one was 49

50 back, 50 breast

100 pull

100 of 25 dolphin kick, 25 breast

LOT of slow paced PT; did everything plus

Walk. 2.02 in 30:10 (14:57 pace). Note: I felt it at 1.65 or so; I have a conditioning problem. My abs tire and I slump forward and I end up losing spinal support.

Baseball last weekend I got to see 2 of Bradley’s games against Indiana State: a 12 inning loss then a nice win. The win had the following happen: in the bottom of the 7’th with ISU up 2-1, 2 out, BU had a runner on second. ISU intentionally walks the BU batter and the next player up hits a home run! Great win to get the series win.

Chiefs: oh boy..this was a 10-1 loss. First 2 runs were NOT the fault of the starter; 2 out, runner on second, sharp ground ball to the short stop who decided to play games with the runner instead of going for the all but certain force at 1’st..bad throw..runners advance to 2’nd and third, then the next batter hits a single to drive in two.

Short stop made THREE errors…but is on the team due to a .378 batting average and a ton of RBIs. The kid can hit. Maybe a future DH?

Where is the line?

Lots of PT.

Weights: pull ups, 5 sets of 10 (usual), 2 sets of 5 (wide, chin grip)

push ups: 40 sissy, 30 declined, 20 and 15 deficit.

bench presses: 3 sets of 10 x 145 feet elevated.

curls: 3 sets of 10

trap bar: 10 x 134, 10 x 184 low (went ok)

10 x 234 (4 inch)

10 x 260 (8 inch). Wonder: slight “like it was worked” glow/sensation in the glute medius. It sure FEELS like “that muscle was worked” but am I sure?

No post pain upon McKensie but I am wondering it that 8 inch set was too heavy. I might switch plates and get more conservative.


Ok this morning wasn’t that bad; better than average WRT pain. And yeah, I got booster 2 on Friday and might be slightly less sharp.

What is fraudulent: I wore a marathon t-shirt and then wondered: “who in the hell am I kidding?” Ok, I’ve finished marathons..a lot of them..and 50K, 50 mile, 24 hour races and yes, 4 100 mile races.…I have to quit before 2 miles to avoid irritating my nerve root too much. That’s pathetic.

The issue is that I am not quite used to paying attention to my posture, and now I am forced to.

Swimming: 1800 yards, though 900 of those were something other than crawl.

3 x 100 free, 100 side

2 x 100 drills (no fins)

4 x 25 drill, 25 free (focus: swim downhill)

200 in 3:32 (progress) then 4:30 later:

100 in 1:44, 100 in 1:46 (on the 2:30)

50 in 49, 1:30 later, 50 in 49

100 side

100 pull

100 breast

Total 900 crawl, 100 pull, 400 side, 100 breast, 300 drill

Slight shoulder ache; didn’t do rotator cuff before.

Outside for a LOT of PT; did many things; 45 minutes worth

Walk: so-so; I’d say 1.2 was symptom free, 1.6 was pain free; I was ready to quit at 1.75.

Fighting “back”

This post is intended as a reality check for me to look back on and will be of no interest to anyone else.

Am I getting better?

Night tingles: much improved.

Seated tingles: I notice

Swollen feeling left pelvis area: still there from time to time.

Pain pills: down to 1 Naproxen two times a day with an occasional 2 Tylenol at mid day (the exception)

Post weight workout press ups: old pain in the side of the leg upon doing press ups is gone. Improvement.

Walking: Ok, I’ll have to take a hard core look. What I “feel” Symptoms were coming on at 0.7-0.8 miles; now that is more like 1.2-1.4 miles; that is an improvement.

Distance on walks (one and done)

1.46, 1.73, 1.72, 1.28, 2.0 (May 2-8)

1.42, 1.68, 1.69, 1.28, 1.27 (April 25-May 1)

1, 1.26, 1.26, 1.26,(April 18-April 24)

1, 1.27, 1/0.6, 1.01/1.1, (April 11-17)

Before that, short, broken walks and no swimming.

Yeah, that is progress.

I’ll check back in a couple of weeks.

Today’s workout: morning meeting so I got a late start.

PT (almost all of it indoor)

Walk: 1.46 miles 14:52…felt good for 1.2 or so.

Outdoors and PT: pull ups: 2 sets of 10 with band around the ankle, 4 sets of 5 with 30 seconds rest, 4 more sets of 5 (finished PT)

push ups: 40 sissy, 30 elevated, 20 deficit, 10 regular (and more PT)

indoor: bench: 10 x 134, 5 x 156, 5 x 156, 10 x 145

curls: 3 sets of 10

high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 88 (easy peasy)

high handle (4 inch): 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 234. Each set felt better than the previous one???? I think I focused more on the hip hinge..and none of this really challenged me.

And now it makes sense

I’ve been reading about lumbar stenosis ..which I really do have. It fooled my PT as I can do McKenzie press ups and they feel good. But forward bends feel good too..go figure.

Key symptom: leg pain when walking, which is relieved by sitting down and bending forward (and in my case, backward too).

I should have known something was up..had foot tingles and my legs had that “hollowed out” feeling; as if I were missing muscle mass. And my slowdown was more than could be explained by age.

Evidently, signals were not getting to my legs…not properly anyway.

So, how to work with that?

Workout notes First swimming: 1650 yards

500 of 50 free/50 side

250 of 25 free/ breast

250 of 25 kick drills (no fins) 25 free

Then 5 x 50 on the 1 (55 each..tired me out)

3 x 50 side

100 in 1:45 (bleah)

50 side

100 pull.

Weight: 202.8

40-50 PT outside; I’ll try to remember everything:

stretching: McKenzie, open book, down dog

2 sets of dead bug, spinal balance, one leg bridge, bridge marches

2 sets of banded prone march, clam shell, bridge/leg out

2 sets of rotator cuff and forward kicks

1 set of step ups on a tire

2 sets of standing toe taps, banded walks

1 set of clamshell off of forearm side pank

1 set of side planks (extended arm)


down dog, McKenzie, open book, 2 sets piriformis stretches, 1 set of sciatic nerve flosses, 1 set of hamstring stretches (prone)

Then a 1.73 walk; 1.5-1.6 was very good.

I’d say 1.5-1.6 of this didn’t hurt. Distance IS increasing.


Lots of pebbles in the shoe today: toe blistered from fin use..still can walk though.

Back was ok..better than a week ago. Kind of got tired about 1.3 miles but I got stubborn and went for 1.7…maybe not enough press ups beforehand.

Weight: 202.8

Swim: no fins: 500 of side/free, 500 of 50 drills sans fins, 50 free

200 in 3:40 (bleah), 100 in 1:49, 100 in 1:46, 50 in 50, 50 in 50.
Intervals: 4:30, 2:30, 2:30, 1:30

50 pull, 100 breast.

The walk: felt pretty good up to about 1.1-1.2…had to focus and pain (mild) had started at about 1.6.