End of a week

Strangely enough, it appears as if I have been post covid longer than I have been. I keep forgetting that I came out of isolation just a week ago yesterday.

I say this because I am a bit run down and achy; the back and glute: I would not say that I am back to square 1: far from it. But I am back to where I was in, well, maybe August/September, though I better know how to brace when I walk.

That is something to keep in mind about COVID: even those who were almost asymptomatic report some flare up of old injuries. I HAD symptoms (though never bad O2) and over the past 2-3 weeks: old frequent urination, heartburn, ache in back, some radiating pain, and a general overall “background” arthritic ache.
If you are an older athlete with a history of injuries and you get COVID to the degree that I did, your training will be set back.

Today: it was 3 F when I walked (after PT)

Then later I followed it with a commuter walk of 1.3 miles in 22 minutes. (17 minutes pace)

Still not over it

And by “it” I mean the glute and the back. I still get aches from time to time; I have regressed over my COVID period. That isn’t a surprise; the virus attacks ALL weak areas.

I am not back to square one however. I know how to do the exercises, and I can handle 2 milers ok. I need to build up to more “commuter walks” and not sit so much.

Weight: 193.5 BEFORE walking, so I have not gained weight.

Workout: full PT mixed with pull ups. Did “crunch” singles: 7, 7, 8, 8 then two sets of 6 reps each for 42 total.

After PT, downstairs. Bench: 5 x 134, then 3 sets of 5 x 155 with a ton of rest.

Then deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184 low, then two single reps with 228, attempting to not let my hips shoot up too much. They were not great reps; maybe try with 204 next time. I see that my body CAN attain the position; but when the weight gets even remotely challenging I change to a back dominant lift.

Back up to push ups: 3 sets of 20 then 2 sets of 10 chest tap push ups.

Then the walk; it was painless until the final 0.1 or so and even then not that bad. Was not fast though. This was 1:20 slower than the previous 2 days.


Sleep is not the best, but I’ll try to go to a Bradley Basketball game. IF I tire, I’ll go home at halftime, but I anticipate watching the whole game.

AM: PT (took a while) and a 2 mile walk, followed by rolling and a lot of stretching.

The walk: appeared to be right at the limit of what my glute and hamstring can handle so I’ll keep it there.

Good riddance to January

Ok, on some level, January has not been THAT bad. I caught a Bears game, got a paper accepted for publication, completed an admin task (more to do in just a bit) and have hit a lull.

But..Jan 10-25 sucked; COVID. Yes, I did my duties online and even did my PT on most days; only one day was “please kill me” and about 4-5 were “normal flu” like days, others were annoying and testing positive. What set me back was the rebound infection.

But I am teaching in person again, easing back into it…and yeah, it was 3 F when I woke up, 5 F when I did outdoor pull ups and my walk (20 seconds slower than the day before)

Today’s workout: PT, push ups: 3 sets of 20, 2 sets of 5 chest tap push ups, 1 set of 11.

pull ups: 1 set of 6, 1 set of 6 singles, 3 sets of 6 single crunch pull ups

bench: 10 x 134, 6 x 145, 5 x 150 (didn’t want to strain)

deadlift (low handle) form check: 10 x 134, 10 x 184 (hips looked good..need to carry this with heavier weights)

high incline shoulder: 10 x 94 (two sets)

walk: some discomfort in the left leg (hamstring) need to roll a bit.

Masking, public opinions, personal opinions, etc.

First some personal stuff: this morning, I did my PT in a very leisurely manner. Then I walked 2 miles on a route which was 95 percent snow-free. Averaged just a hair under 15 mpm (15:15/14:45).

Not much pain, but I do have to roll a bit…and this is now infections go: your recently weak areas get exposed.

I had almost 2 week of symptoms. And I noticed the following: of a group of 3 friends, two with small, slender builds had almost no symptoms at all, whereas the 3 with higher BMI (I am 6 feet, 195 lb pre COVID) had worse symptoms.

Technically, my symptoms would be classified as “mild” as I never had breathing problems; O2 was 97-98; main symptoms were disrupted sleep, fatigue, body aches, old injuries flaring up. Fever was only 1 day, coughing is slight and I did have mild drainage, except for one day where it was heavy.

Still, the experience is unpleasant enough for me to work to avoid in the future; the mask is coming back (I got slack for couple of days).

Public Opinion and masking Yes, I posted a photo of my getting ready to teach a class by Zoom and I posted a video of my wearing a mask while doing push ups.

And OF COURSE, someone had to comment on the mask, each time.

“Mask for Zoom?” and “Bro, take the mask off.”

Context: in the photo, it was my day of my first negative test. It was in the home office room, which has two folding doors leading to the living room, where my wife hangs out. So, I wanted to limit the amount of virus I put in this room (that she uses) and in the adjoining room; this was NOT my isolation room (nicked name “the goathaus”)

In the second case (the video) I had another negative test. But I was doing these in the living room where my wife was, so the mask was to protect her (unseen in the view of the camera.

Moral: if it looks strange that someone is masking, there may be more there than meets the eye. Sometimes, I am walking a short distance between indoor buildings and don’t want to bother with the “on/off”, especially if I am bundled for winter.

First full day back

Yes, it felt good; few streamed the classes. But it WAS tiring.

Maybe this will be the final test result I’ll post.

Workout notes: yesterday, full PT and 5 sets of pull ups; 3 were 6 singles and 2 were 6 reps (ok, 4 if you believe the critics)

I went into the office a bit.

Today: PT (full) and push ups: 5 sets of 20. Then one sort of rough commuter walk; I’ll have to roll a bit and I’ll have to stretch before walking. It wasn’t like the bad old days though..not even close.


Well, I developed the hip/butt discomfort (slowly) at about 2.5 miles ..and by 3.77 I decided to seek a playground to stretch. Pace had slowed, a lot..walked home then, did a 1 mile “take a break” walk at 16:20.

there were issues; not stretching and perhaps too much last week and perhaps too much sitting.

Comeback programs are rarely monotone; there will be small “learn from this” setbacks from time to time.

Mismatch and Miscounting

The mismatch: Struggling Valpo visited Bradley and the result was 88-66, though it was 49-24 at the half and the lead blew up to 33 points. Overall, Bradley shot 58.3 percent from the field and went 12-27 from 3 point range; but just prior to halftime, it was 6-10. BU had lots of uncontested 3 point shots and dunks.

12 Braves saw action.

4476 was the official attendance and it was a somewhat above average crowd for this year. The crowds just aren’t what they once were.

But before the game, I did a PT, deadlift and 5 mile walk.

Deadlift: 10 x 134, 10 x 184 low.

Intention was to boost my 4 inch lift to 6-8 reps with 270 (got 10 x 265 last week) but I made a mistake: 45, 25, 25, 10, 5.5, 5, 2.5 on each side; that plus the 44 lb bar makes 280, not 270. So when I tried, I was surprised at how hard the first rep was and so struggled to do 5 before I quit. I almost panicked. Then I recounted…”oh sure.” So I did set 2 with 280; and while it was challenging, it went easier because I was mentally prepared for the weight.

10 x 280 at 8 inch finished the festivites.

Then the back felt positively great for my “3 to 5 mile walk”; did a complete upper Cornstalk loop and then a half lower loop. I really felt good.

Jan 6

Personal: went to phase two of my search committee stuff. Still perhaps 3 work days worth.

Workout: went better than the House speakership race.

PT, push ups (40 reps before, 30 after), pull ups: sets of 5-10 and sets of singles: enough to get to 50 reps. Need to take the swing out of the pull up. Well behind the bar.

Bench: 5 x 134, 2 x 170, 3 x 165, 5 x 160, 5 x 155 (feet on the chair)

Swiss bar high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 94

curls: 3 sets of 10

Then a 4 mile walk; first mile: gave me too much distance (not 12:12); so I deducted .15 from the final total.

Roads were dry and my legs felt great.