Into December

Ok, my mileage: 122.9 in November, up from 107.5 in October, 97.2 in September and 85.9 in August. And on 14 November, I went off of NSAIDS. Great.


I did push ups (4 sets of 25) mixed with PT, deadlifts (10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 228) then the first walk, then 50 pull up reps…

Today: just PT and a 10K-ish hilly walk; note I did have some “sensation” at times during the hilly segements.

This was my first “icicles in the beard” walk of the season.

Last night: some Bradley basketball.

The first half was close as Bradley missed some open shots and Northern Iowa made some tough shots. But the averages caught up; BU’s good defense shined all night long, and Bradley won comfortably 68-53.

Tragically, an elderly pedestrian was killed crossing the street in front of the Civic Center; this shut down the street and lead to the smaller than expected crowd shown.

before the game

Yesterday: PT, push ups (10 sets of 10, elbows tucked), pull ups (sets of 5 or 5 singles, enough to get to 50), bench presses after walking (10 x 134, then 3 sets of 5 x 154), and a 3.3 mile walk (wandered)

Today: PT, 5.16 mile W. Peoria walk; got it going after a 14:08 first mile.

Slight on and off ache at mile 3; had to be mindful of posture. Sat too long grading papers yesterday.


Last night, I drug Ms. O to a BU Women’s basketball game vs NAIA Missouri Baptist. And while it ended 66-46, Baptist had it tied at 39 going into the 4’th and lead 42-40 in the 4’th before being outscored 26-4 the rest of the way. BU put more defensive pressure on the ball and forced a ton of turnovers. This could have also been depth talking as well.

Sadly, but predictably, the arena was all but empty.

Today’s workout:

PT plus push ups: 30, 30, 40…got it! Pull ups: 50 reps (53 if you count partials plus 3 penalty reps), deadlifts (10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 228, all low handle)

Then 3.2 miles of walking at a brisk-ish pace. My legs actually felt good; 30’s and sunny. I wore long sleeves; no sweatshirt.

Health: yeah, I had a reflux flare up but a strong antacid knocked it out within 10-15 minutes. Back: not an issue.
No, I am not healed; I am in a “management” situation. But at long last I don’t feel like talking about it.

Super Catch up

Sunday: sort of a lame 3 mile walk after a very so-so deadlift sesssion:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 261 (4 inch); lame, 4 x 280 8 inch (bailed), 10 x 260 8 inch.

Monday: PT, (as usual), push ups were 30-30-30-20, pull ups were sets of 5 singles/5 reps.

Bench: 10 x 134, 4 x 160, 4 x 160, 3 x 160 (fail), 1 in 145, 5 x 145
curls 3 sets of 10, Swiss bar high incline 3 sets of 10 x 94

Walk: 2 miles plus 1 mile commuter.

Today: great day; PT, 4 miles with Lynnor, 1.6 with Olivia.

Day for the ages

I don’t like this.

It is flurried when I was out. Probably dripping the water tonight. Boo.

Got up early, did my PT and push ups first: 10 sets of 10 push ups then a set of 30
Outdoor for pull ups: mostly sets of 5 singles, one or two sets of 5; enough to get 50 reps.

Basement: bench: 10 x 134, 3 sets of 5 x 155

curls: focused on keeping those elbows stationary 3 sets of 10

Swiss bar high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 94

Then the 2 mile walk; later a 1 mile afternoon walk on campus.

With the extra bits of walking, I am creeping up on 4 miles a day.

Note: back/glute have been…fine…need to keep up the PT..diligently.


Well, I am trying to do without naproxen.

A little different this morning:

PT 1 included 5 sets of 10 push ups.

pull ups outside: sets of 5 singles and 5, 50 reps total

PT 2: included sets of 30, 25, 20 push ups (touch the floor each time, though perhaps not with the chest.

Bench press: 10 x 134, 2 x 170, 2 x 165, 5 x 154, 5 x 154 banded walk rests

curls: 3 sets of 10

high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 94 Swiss bar

Walk 1 and later walk 2. Walk 1: took me a while to get going.

Back at it

Got to get some studying in tonight.

Caught the Bradley Women hosting South Dakota (Elite 8 last year, but brand new team and coach this year) and, BU actually lead 24-15. SD rallied to take a modest half time lead and when on to win 71-53.

SD isn’t what they were last year (got thumped by Creighton last game) but they were too much for us…eventually.

Workout notes: PT, deadlifts, very so-so but totally painless walk.

10 x 134, 10 x 184, low
10 x 261 4 inch, 10 x 280 8 inch. The 4 inch set was not that bad.

She will not be ignored

Just as I was getting cocky, teaching my 10-11 am class reminded me that I still have this chronic condition; some ache on my walk home (nothing like the mean days of earlier this year)

I still have to mind my posture.

Now the daily walks have been thus far

3+3, 3, 2+1, 5, 2+1, 5, 2+1 =28 miles, which is more than I am used to. I have to be cautious.

Today: I mixed it up a bit: PT with 2 sets of 25 pushups

pull ups: sets of 5 and 5 singles, with shoulder PT: 50 reps

PT, and 2 more sets of 25 push ups

Bench: 10 x 134, and 17 minutes to do 5 sets of 3 x 165

high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 94, with 2 sets of curls

Then the first 2 mile walk; second one was lunch.

Basketball I saw the women open in an exhibition vs. a D2 college and, it was uncomfortably tight for a while; it seemed as if the D2 team had a quickness advantage.

BU won but…

Well, last night it was a 45 point loss (93-48) which was 20 points after 1 quarter, albeit to a good Missouri team. This might be a tough season.