Watching the “Jilted St. Louis” bowl

And it sure looks as if the Rams are getting the better of it.

I timed my workout this morning: 1:25 to do the following:

pull ups: 5-5-10-10-10-5-5-5-5 with rehab in between (bands, hip hikes and one foot stands)

push ups: 4 sets of 25 with rehab (clam shell with bands, dead bugs, side leg lifts, kneeling lunge twists)

The above took 48 minutes

Downstairs: bench press: 3 sets of 5 x 154 (ok)

rows: 3 sets of 10 each arm

curls: 3 sets of 10

shoulder press: 10 x 93, 99, 103

It seems that 85 minutes is too long, but that is what it took; 37 minutes for the basement section.

Life sans Naproxen

My shoulder no longer needs Naproxen. But that “overall stiffness” has come back; wonder if I have an arthritic body. Possible.

Today: deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 (all ok)

sets on the 3: 3, 3, 3, 3, 5 with 265 (I did mind my back; no problem)

Then after stretching, 1:04 on the bike (22 fake miles); 4-15-3 was the break down (4 easy, 15 medium, 3 hard)

Some glue tingles.
I did watch a Bradley Women’s game: They lost 68-61 though Bradley did rally to take a brief lead in the second, half, fell down by 14 and rallied to cut it to 3 with 3 minutes to go.

Almost ready

The two days I have to prepare should be sufficient.

Covid still raging.

Workout notes

Pull ups: 5 sets of 10! (ok, not the greatest sets)


push ups: 30, 30 sissy, 20 feet elevated, 25 floor.

Bench: 3 sets of 5 x 154 (fairly easy)

rows: 3 sets of 10

curls: 3 sets of 10

shoulder press: 3 sets of 10: 104, 104, 93 (for better ROM)

This all was done slowly; took about 2 hours. (a lot of rehab); I’ll have to move faster come the academic year.

Note: no noticeable difference not taking naproxen ..glute though: kind of sore from yesterday and 1 foot balances.

Still too half hearted

I need to step up my rehab.

Locally: positivity is 29.48 percent, though the recorded number of cases was under 300 today. Fewer tests, I suppose.

I am almost at the point of writing lessons

Workout notes:

pull ups: 40 singles, set of 10, 2 sets of 5 (wide, chins)
push ups: 4 sets of 25 with lots of rest, rehab in between. Included 1:40 headstand.
deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 (all easy, sans belt)

10 x 251 4 inch handle. Went great (belt), pain free, but I didn’t want to push my luck.

bike (30 minutes; 10 fake miles, including 3 hard, 5 medium, 2 easy.

Jan 10, 2022

You can see the progression. Note: last report is for 3 days: 428.3 a day. Last month: 49 deaths. 6 deaths from November 23 to December 10. That is acceleration. Hospitalizations: 9 to 34 to 55

Positivity: 29.5 percent. Area: 179,000 people.

And this is why I am laying low and not doing what I was doing even 3-4 weeks ago. New ballgame.

I also did some minor errands; intense course preparation starts tomorrow; I’ll screw around with m-files and some other things.

Workout notes: weights only: pull ups: 4 sets of 10, 4 of 5 (14 F).

push ups: 2 sets of 25 to the floor, 1 walk 10 (4:48), dead bug, leg lifts, abs, etc.)

bench presses: 3 sets of 5 x 150 lb (keeping a watch on the shoulder)

rows: 3 x 10 of 60 (each arm)

curls: 3 sets of 10 x 50

shoulder presses: 2 sets of 10 x 103 of questionable depth, the 10 x 98 with a wider grip felt better.

Note: outdoor pull ups are always harder when it is cold.

Belts and things

The local situation: December 22, December 29, January 6. Metro area: 179K, 56 percent vaccinated.

Via the New York Times:

Let that sink in: from the start of the pandemic until now, 1 out of every 345 people in our metro area have died of COVID. And deaths are ticking up.

The county, bless their hearts, are tying. They now feature daily (including weekends) walk in clinics and testing. I really comment the effort.

But as of right now we are at about 350 new cases a day and something like 2-3 deaths a day on the average. Omicron isn’t likely to lower the death toll because, while it is more mild than delta on a case by case basis, it spreads much more easily and what it lacks in morbidity and mortality it makes up for by spreading easier. So while it is safer on an individual level, given that you have covid, it is more deadly on the community level.

If you think of it as Russian roulette: yes, you get to play with more empty chambers, but far more people are playing.

Schools: I am getting sick of the SCHOOLS MUST REMAIN OPEN being touted by politicians, so-called “experts” and “blue check” pundits.

Seriously, this is better than going online for a few weeks (IF conditions warrant)?

The CDC they are screwing up..not so much on the science but with communication. Their “5 days” isolation is very misunderstood; it is if you are asymptomatic OR if your results are “resolving” AND you are fever-free. The public absolutely sucks at conditional statements.

And they have to watch what they say: pointing out that 75 percent of the COVID deaths come from those who have at least 4 comorbidity factors is being interpreted as “it is ok if the disabled die”, which it is NOT what they are trying to say. But it was a bad way to say it.

Bottom line: if we know who is most vulnerable, we can get better at protecting them.

Tension in society Yes, people knowingly go out there with COVID; that is documented. And around here, I’d say less than half of the people wear a mask. Given the sky high case rates, it is a good idea to assume that at least 1/5 of the people you see have COVID and to protect yourself.

And I’ve noticed this: we have an indoor mask mandate and when you to into the Riverplex, they remind you to put one on. But when you get upstairs, most have taken them off. So, I’m done for a while, at least until this spike is down.

Then I’ve notice that the Riverplex is doing a membership drive.
Some don’t go because they have a mask mandate. Others (like me) stopped going because it isn’t enforced in the upper areas, at all.

And I understand why: it gets tiresome to tell adults to do what they should be doing, especially when they revert the very second they aren’t being monitored.
We are a nation of toddlers. And I don’t miss their company.

Workout notes

Yesterday: pull ups (-4 F) 5-5-10-10-5-5-5-5-5-5 outside with rehab
push ups: 3 sets of 25 on the floor (touch the chest), 1 set of 5-floor, 5-step 1, 5 step 2, 5 step 1, 5 floor.

bench press: 8 x 135, 5, 5 x 150 Swiss), 5 x 150 straight bar (went fine)

curls: 3 sets of 10
rows (single arm) 3 sets of 10
shoulder presses: 10 x 93, 10 x 103, 10 x 103 (ok)


Today: 30 minutes bike AFTER:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 (no belt)
3, 3, 3, 3, 5 x 260 (belt); went fine, zero pain.

Note: I added a hole to my belt; evidently I am just slightly too fat for Titan’s XL belt (34-41, though my pants are 36..should have gone with 38-45 XXL)
And by using a weight plate instead of a hammer on the screw, I cut my finger.

Most unproductive day

But I am rested and ready to do admin stuff tomorrow; attend a virtual lecture tonight.

Covid numbers are ghastly right now. I am laying low and only making essential trips. Yoga on my own this morning plus the bike.

I’ve accepted that few others are taking it seriously, so whatever happens to them, happens.

And yes, I watched the local basketball game on TV and renewed by ESPN+ subscription to see the games; will do so until the spike comes down as few mask in their seats and there is no vaccine requirement.

Today: yoga on my own and the bike; 21 fake miles, with 3 of them at my current top resistance. I should probably work up to 90 minutes.

My chest taps after the balance were dreadful. I need to improve!

From yesterday:

Felt the onset of my back tweak at rep 8; kind of make my back sore by shoveling snow first. Not wise.
We’ll see how Sunday goes; I should be ok; can’t wait for my belt to get here.

Covid on the up, up, up

Horrible numbers; positivity is 28.2 percent. And check out the deaths: I’ve never seen this many recorded in one day here (179,000 people)

Yes, the deaths were probably delta and omicron appears to have 1/3 the morbidity of delta…but given the spread is so much higher, that is a lot of people in the hospital.

And yet, not that many care. Why?

And that is sort of the rub: if you get it, YOUR symptoms are likely to be “nasty flu” or less; same with those near you. The very bad cases will be there, but likely somewhere else. So, unless you work in a hospital in a high risk area, you are unlikely to notice that much, save it might be harder to get some things.

The opioid crisis is a bit like that for me: I read about it; I can look up the numbers but it doesn’t appear to affect my day to day life that much.

I am seeing the arguing over schools too. But two key things that people tend to miss:

  1. Teachers and staff are much more at risk than students, and yes, their health matters and
  2. Staff/teacher shortages: just not many, if any subs.

Also, conditions differ from place to place: I am sure that in districts where everyone is vaccinated, everyone has KN-95 and wears them, and the school has a great ventilation system and substitute teachers/staff readily available and not many high risk teachers, sure, not going remote might be possible.

But many (most?) districts are not like that.

Workout notes: pull ups (14 F), push ups (indoors) 5 sets of 20, rehab, deadlifts:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 (ok, back slightly sore from shoveling)

8 x 246 (quit at rep 8 when it did not feel right; unbalanced and twisted); aggravated the back tweak a bit.

30 minutes bike (8 miles harder)

Note: some glute tingle on one-legged stands; still doing better without the excessive walking.

Dec 31-Jan 2

Well, I was supposed to have gone to the Colts vs Raiders game, but COVID rates were higher than I was comfortable with. So I sold the tickets and..yes, skipped the Giants at Bears game as well. Watched a LOT of TV-ball though, and Tracy was over on Jan 1 to watch the Ohio State Rose Bowl win with us.

I have stuff to get off my chest; well, not really. It is what it is and you can’t make people smarter.

Direct course preparation starts tomorrow. I’ll see if I can get a better room for two of my classes. I have a feeling I’ll do much what I already did in the Fall…didn’t anticipate that.

Workout notes: December ended with a very conventional workout.
Pull ups and chin ups went ok; 60 reps total, in sets of 5-10.
Push ups: fine, 100 total: 30 sissy, 20 deficit (flat), 20 feet up, 20 flat, 10 feet elevated (flat)
Bench press: 2 sets of 5, 1 set of 10 with 135 (Swiss Bar)
rows: 3 sets of 10 each arm (60)
curls: 3 sets of 10
seated press: 2 sets of 5 with 103, set of 10 with 93

Jan 1: deadlifts and 30 minute bike. Aggravated that back tweak slightly; my guess: I’ve seen that belts are recommended when your max reaches 1.5 times your body weight (200 lb, 314 lb) for sets when you are doing 85 percent of your max (267)

And surprise, surprise, I notice the back at about 265-270. Go figure. So I ordered the belt:
10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224, sets of 3 every 3 minutes: 270, 270, 270, 275, 275 (*)

Sunday: 1 hour (59 minutes) cycling, snow shoveling (no problems with the back)

Another day with good old delta

Yes, omicron has arrived but right now, the dominant strain is still delta and we are at 18.36 percent positivity (as of 29 December). We are getting creamed.

Yeah, we sold our NFL tickets; can’t risk it at my age and with my elderly wife.

I know that the CDC is catching heat; the argument is that they are recommending something that people might actually follow rather than something safer that they won’t.

I can’t defend everything they recommended; for example my wife followed their “vaccinated adults don’t need to mask” and ended up with a breakthrough that required BAM treatment (late July).

But some of what they said “back when” was reasonable advice at the time. Example: the older variants of covid required a larger dose (viral load) to infect, so cloth masks did provide some protection..and they still do a decent job of filtering droplets released by the wearer.

But sure, now that delta came a long, you need a better mask (NK-95, KF-94) for personal protection.

I admit that I’ve become a bit bitter. Last year, I was whiny about being toward the back of the vaccination line.

Now, my anger is mostly at the COVIDIOTS who won’t get the shot, now with those who won’t mask in indoor public places and institutions who won’t create and enforce vaccine mandates.

And yes, I am still steamed at liberals who, back in the summer of 2020 were all “no large gatherings, unless it is a protest we approve of” and those who wildly exaggerated the efficacy of vaccines by using statistics in a very stupid way.

Yes, it does turn out that outdoor stuff wasn’t that bad, but one needs consistency when one makes recommendations. Liberals were downright hypocritical at the time and, well, why would a conservative trust what we say?

There is a ton of blame to go around.

But there are those doing things right.

Workout notes

Pull ups were harder than usual: weight gain? Cold? (29 F)

5-5-5-5, 10, 5-5-10-5-5 (chins, wide grip included)

push ups: 30 sissy, walk 10 (hard), 10 deficit, 10 legs up the steps (touch the chest).

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224, 10 x 244 (all low); technique is improving a bit. Felt slight back tingles and decided to end with the 10 x 244; it was the best I’ve done at 10 reps and 244 is more than what I could do in Jan, 2020.