Chiefs win in different ways

Monday night: saw the game from the box seats upstairs (B’s group); Chiefs beat the Bees 3-0 and the starer did well; bull pen kept the shutout though that fly ball that got caught on the warning track made me nervous.
Note the mysterious “mist” that leaves the building at the 6’th inning. Is this from the kitchen?

Sat in the front row last night when the Chiefs hosted the Cougars; the Chiefs fell behind 4-0 in the first inning and were down 5-0 early; they rallied with 17 hits to win 11-7. The bull pen did give up 2 runs in the 8’th but they had a big enough cushion. And the Chiefs got a grand slam.

workout catch up

Busy the past few days:

Monday: weights only; usual; highlights: 3 x 185 on the bench, 10 x 135, 10 x 165 decline; 188 body weight. Usual other stuff; 4 sets of goblet squats (2 with 50), leg press.
Tuesday: took my Hostage to the dentist; ran this 5.3 mile course beforehand. 11 minute first mile; averaged 10:20 for the 5.33; was 42:08 at the 4.13. This pace was WORK, I am sorry to say.
Wednesday: 3 mile walk after weights: usual; pull ups were easy; incline: 10 x 135, 3 x 155, decline: 10 x 165, military 7 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated (supported), 10 x 40 standing. goblet: 6 x 25, 6 x 45, 6 x 50, then leg presses. Did my usual plank too.

Weight: 187. Note: throat not quite 100 percent; juice last night stung it a bit. Regular food doesn’t hurt it though.

Bad relief pitching dooms Chiefs; lose to Bees 15-5

The Chiefs started out well, leading 5-0 after 3 and even had a 3 run home run.

They gave up 1 run in the 4’th, and the starting pitcher left after 5, up 5-1. He allowed 3 hits and struck out 6. Then came the first relief pitcher…who came in with an ERA of 15.4. His ERA was to get…WORSE.
He got one out but walked 4 and hit one batter..walked in 2 runs and left the bases loaded. He was pulled and the next relief pitcher gave up a grand slam…the Bees were to load the bases 3 more times and get one more grand slam.

Overall, the Chiefs’ bull pen walked 10, hit one batter and gave up 14 runs over 4 innings…and they concludes with an infielder finishing the game (giving up 2 runs but hey…)

Game took 3:38..and it was a train wreck…hard to quit watching. Final: Bees 15, Chiefs 5. Another blowout loss in a season full of them. And..this wasn’t the worst loss I’ve seen at home.

Here, the dejected reliever leaves..and it was to get worse.

The scoreboard tells the story.

A photo tour of my 10.6 mile Peoria course

Today I strolled a very easy 10.6 miles (17 km) (total time of day, including photos took 3:10 to do, strolling very easily)

This is a map of the route I took with numbers corresponding to photos (photo 48 was taken a long time ago; other photos were taken today)

1. The start of the course (my house)

2. Moss Avenue (canopy of trees and older, larger homes)

3. MacArthur bridge with a nice pedestrian bridge; just put in this year.

4. Path near Carver Center and past a water park that I used to take my daughter to.

5. Not part of the course, but there were a lot of utility trucks.

6. Dozer Park; I spend way too much time here.

7. Caterpillar building.

8. Start of the downtown area with shops, bars and restaurants.

9. One of a series of abstract sculptures (silver)

10. Bars and restaurants near the water.

11. Start of the bike path along the River; part of a much longer system stretching from Toulon, IL to Morton, IL

12. Peoria Museum

13. One of the restaurants.

14. Gateway Building

15. I 74 bridge over the Illinois River.

16. Geese everywhere. Riverplex is in the background.

17. Sculpture by the Riverplex

18. Birdhouses behind the Riverplex

19. Path..sand volleyball court to the left.

20. Old railroad rotating “bridge.”

21. Entrance to the marina (since closed)

22. Old Marina docks.

23. The gooseloop; a .37 mile loop path.

24. Baseball field.

25. Abington road..kind of rough.

26. Entrance to lower Glen Oak park.

27. The Ingersoll statue

28. Hill; start of the Steamboat 15K hill loop section.

29. Crest of the hill; upper Glen Oak Park.

30. The park lagoon.

31. Park Building.

32. Entrance to the Peoria Zoo.

33. Open space in the park.

34. Prospect Avenue.

35. Upper entrance to Springdale Cemetery (where cars can enter).

36. Forrest Hill and Central avenue: where the Boredom course meets this course.

37. Long shot (about 1 mile) on Forrest Hill.

38. St. Paul Church.Forrest Hill section is almost done.

39. Bigelow Ave., nice section.

40. Hansler and Bootz; I sometimes turn on Hansler.

41. Broadway; an old section.

42. Nebraska and Broadway and Gale; a tricky intersection. Better look 4 ways before you cross.

43. Over I-74.

44. Columbia Terrace: 1 mile to go.

45. Crossing University and into the Uplands neighborhood on Columbia Terrace.

46. Columbus statue in Bradley Park, along Parkside.

47. The Arbor District: my neighborhood ..and street too.

48. Laura and Cooper. I took this photo this fall; this shows an entrance to the Bradley University campus. My office building is the “castle top” building.


49. Home! Another 10.6 miles (17 km) deposited into the bank.

Me too and work romance

This article about “Me Too” and office romances is interesting.

Disclaimer: I met my wife of 23 years …at work. Sort of..we kept seeing each other at work and non work related events …but…we WERE work colleagues albeit in different departments.

Anyway..I do know that even in non-romantic relationships, a bit of casual flirting can be fun, and yes, there is some of that between my yoga teacher and me (it is not hidden). She has even teased about her “sexually harassing me”…

Now, of course, she isn’t my boss; either one of us can say “no”. But the point of the article: the relationship took that turn *somewhere* and in the “me too” era that can be risky.

So..the work environment is perhaps more sterile? BUT..well, do women now have a more comfortable work environment? I do not know.

As far as college teaching, well, I won’t say much except to mention that I’ve had to rethink my relationship with MALE students. Why? From time to time, say if a student comes to office hours..I might notice the build on a male and ask him how his weight lifting is going. Every time..they have been eager to talk about it. But that meant that I noticed their body.

There is no way in Hades that I’d make any remark that indicated to a female that I noticed her body; I might ask a female athlete about her sport but only if I’ve seen her compete or train.

And..that is a “sort of” double standard, isn’t it? Hmmm…

Textbook racism

I frequently attack “political correctness” and, yes, I feel that “racism” is a word that is frequently overused.

But: public figure making a statement that disparages (and incorrectly so!) a region based on it being majority black: that is textbook racism.

To wit:

Now what about that district?

Now some have criticized this response (that is, showing Trump is wrong…again). But we hear “racism” said so much…I think that a factual response is better as it shows WHY the Trump tweet is racist.

Trump made an unwarranted (and in this case, incorrect) assumption about Rep. Cummings’ district based on the fact that it is a predominately black district, and THAT is textbook racism.

Sadly, the facts will fall on some deaf ears; Trump says what a sizable portion of the country wants to say…and well, facts will not persuade…most of them (IMHO anyway). But facts MIGHT persuade some who aren’t in this camp.

First 20 of the season

It was warmer than I gave it credit for:

I started off gently and tried to increase the pace. It was sort of humid at the start and then warmed up to 86 F, 49 percent humidity when I finished. Yeah, I’ve finished in worse.
This was really my 16 mile course with the extra out and back spur from the Tower to Sheridan/Northmore and back. I was 2:42 at 10.2, 3:12 just past mile 12 and 5:09 at “almost 20 (19.9) the final 5 was 1:14:20 and the final 4 in 59:25. Basically, this was like my 16.3 course with the 1:01 added on for the spur.

Pace: 15:38, or somewhat slower than some of my 20’s last year. BUT I am doing this with heavier legs (more mileage midweek) and my course is somewhat more challenging due to adding the Grandview hills.
But, in reality…this WAS more difficult than the 16 milers ..I felt the difference.


I admit that I some things about higher ed perplex me. I teach mathematics, and my professional thoughts are pretty much: “make sure I know the stuff and then attempt to convey it to students in the most coherent way possible. No one asks me to lie or to brainwash. It is true that I often simplify (e. g., in calculus, I do not discuss derivatives as a map from “tangent bundles”) and sometimes I do wave my hands a bit, though often I try to point out that we are using an assumption and, if possible, explain what could happen without the assumption.

But when it comes to social issues….oh boy. I am glad that I am in a STEM area.

Workout notes weights only: rotator cuff, goblet squats: sets of 6 with 25, 25, 50, 50, then 10 leg presses with 230
upper body: pull ups (5 sets of 10..good), bench: 10 x 135, 7 x 165, incline: 3 x 155, decline: 10 x 155, military: 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 45 standing, 15 x 40 standing, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine, planks, knee stretches.

Weight: 187. the “sore throat” diet is working..I appear to be better.

On the upswing

Later in the day: throat feels a bit better…I have an idea…gargling may have dislodged something.

Workout notes: yoga (nice class) then the following: 4 mile treadmill run: 10 minutes 5.2-5.4, then 10 at 6.7-6.8, 10 at 6.9-7.0-7.1 (20:00 for 2, 28:39 for 3, 29:35 for 3.1, walk for a few minutes, run then 6.1-6.2 over the last 5 minutes (39:40 for 4).

Then 4.6 mile walk outside on the river path; pretty.

Yoga: during “Half moon” my yoga teacher said “You are cheating on me” ..yeah, I got lazy. But the “you are cheating on me” was a nice riddle for social media.

Social media: I follow people for many reasons. Some are “celebrities of interest”, some are friends that I know from elsewhere, others are mutual follows. There are a few accounts that I really don’t care for, say, 50-80 percent of their posts, but ..really come up with insightful ideas 20-50 percent of the time. So the quality of their rare good posts makes it worth my while to scroll past the eye roll caliber stuff.

Confidence vs. Over-confidence

Workout: W. Peoria: 2.3 to the Track, the 5 laps of “on/off” (all on for last 1.1 laps) in 27:43. Not my best but I was a bit tired going in.
Then weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10), rotator cuff, incline 10 x 135, decline 10 x 165, military: 7 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated supported, 10 x 40 standing, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 single arm, goblet squats: 6 x 30, 50, 50, leg press: 10 x 230. plank, side plank, head stand, knee stretches.

I was still a bit fatigued. Weight: 188-189 (hard to tell).

throat; somewhat sore; we’ll see if it is reflux or not.

Posts I admit that I have some problems with the direction that some are talking, WRT “social justice.”

Here is my take: I believe in hiring faculty that will be good instructors (at a non-R1 place like ours especially) and good scholars. I want them to teach the students: get them to learn the material and “learn how to learn” the material..and hopefully to get fired up about learning more. And of course, part of the job is to treat students and colleagues with respect.

But I do not expect professors to be any more, well, full of virtue, than anyone else in the public. In my opinion, we are not especially qualified to instill values beyond the values expected of a scholar (be honest, be complete, be intellectually honest). We aren’t qualified to try to make them “allies” in one social cause or another.

Of course, if the students wish to pursue that on an extra-curricular basis, great. And of course, faculty can mentor student clubs, be they young Democrats, young Conservatives, etc.

At times, I think that college faculty overstep their bounds.

Mueller hearing I am about midway through Vol. I of the Mueller Report. Should the Democrats attempt impeachment?

Well, the Senate will acquit with a probability of close to 1.0. So, is there some value to the House impeaching? Well, are there even enough Democrat votes there? I am not deliberately deferring to this site, but check out the poll numbers.

Here is my take: I trust Nancy Pelosi on this one. No, she isn’t perfect BUT she has great political instincts and knows how to count votes, so I’ll back her decision in much the way I’d back up a winning football coach. I’ll defer to her judgment, either way.

But, Fareed Zakaria makes an interesting argument here that makes sense to me.