Lingering soreness

I woke up with “sore”, well, “low grade sore” legs and wondered if I could shuffle at all. I could..a couple of hours AFTER I had woken up. Doing it right away is just very hard right now.

It was just over 5 miles in just over 1:02 and I felt..ok. It wasn’t the death march last week’s slightly longer “run” was. Why dead lifts would leave me with sore legs is a bit of a mystery..unless it ws because I did some Sumo style.

What this means is that my Tuesday “post yoga” run will have to suffice as my “Steamboat 15K training run”, at least so long as I do Saturday dead lifting for poundage. Or..perhaps do the run every other Saturday (followed by light dead lifts) and do “heavy” (less light?) dead lift every other Saturday..stick with medium ones in between.

Social comments: We don’t learn. Impeachment did NOT hurt Trump’s ratings..

Education: This is a longer article which is a review of two books that interest me. But buried in it is this: Finger. Wagging. Does. Not. Change. Minds.

One fascinating study Klein quotes found that “priming white college students to think about the concept of white privilege led them to express more racial resentment in subsequent surveys.” Anti-racist indoctrination actually feeds racism. So tribalism deepens.

Personally, I wish we stuck to teaching our subjects..and by “we” I mean professors. I try to be “all math, all the time.”

My thoughts on impeachment

Yesterday’s workout: yoga with Nancy, 2 mile run on the treadmill (21:53; slightly sore back), 2 mile walk outside)

Issue of the day: impeachment inquiry. Here is a synopsis of what happened with respect to Ukraine: it appears as if Trump tried to shake down their get them to investigate Hunter Biden, who was on the board of an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian company.

Yes, Trump may well have committed “impeachable offenses” but that does not require the House to actually impeach.

It appears that the House now has a majority to at least support the inquiry.

So, what should the House do? I think it is hard to predict what will happen.

One one hand, some talk about holding Trump accountable.

On the other hand, any impeachment is really a cancellation of other people’s votes and, well, this plays into the very worst stereotypes about today’s liberals: WE KNOW what is best for you and you MUST listen to us. Many of today’s liberals are like the old Bible beaters in that respect.

How Trump supporters *might* see it: some chose him precisely because he is the “folk hero” who cuts through all of that red tape and “just does it” directly. Did he bend a few rules here and there? Well, sure…but RESULTS by god. And Trump did nothing that Bush and Obama didn’t do…but Bush and Obama “colored within the lines” and maybe Trump was a bit rougher and unpolished. Hey, they ALL do that…but the non-Trumps just use the fancy bullshit language that lawyers use to do the SAME THING.

So, don’t expect Trump supporters to change.

And here we are.

Personally, I’d rather Trump be defeated at the ballot box. Sure, the House D’s can vote to impeach and my guess is that the Senate won’t remove (you need 2/3 there). But there might be some value to televise parts of the investigation to let the public see for themselves, and then just maybe enough votes in key swing states will be flipped.

I want to see the COUNTRY reject him and they way to do that is via the ballot box.

Confidence vs. Over-confidence

Workout: W. Peoria: 2.3 to the Track, the 5 laps of “on/off” (all on for last 1.1 laps) in 27:43. Not my best but I was a bit tired going in.
Then weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10), rotator cuff, incline 10 x 135, decline 10 x 165, military: 7 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated supported, 10 x 40 standing, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 single arm, goblet squats: 6 x 30, 50, 50, leg press: 10 x 230. plank, side plank, head stand, knee stretches.

I was still a bit fatigued. Weight: 188-189 (hard to tell).

throat; somewhat sore; we’ll see if it is reflux or not.

Posts I admit that I have some problems with the direction that some are talking, WRT “social justice.”

Here is my take: I believe in hiring faculty that will be good instructors (at a non-R1 place like ours especially) and good scholars. I want them to teach the students: get them to learn the material and “learn how to learn” the material..and hopefully to get fired up about learning more. And of course, part of the job is to treat students and colleagues with respect.

But I do not expect professors to be any more, well, full of virtue, than anyone else in the public. In my opinion, we are not especially qualified to instill values beyond the values expected of a scholar (be honest, be complete, be intellectually honest). We aren’t qualified to try to make them “allies” in one social cause or another.

Of course, if the students wish to pursue that on an extra-curricular basis, great. And of course, faculty can mentor student clubs, be they young Democrats, young Conservatives, etc.

At times, I think that college faculty overstep their bounds.

Mueller hearing I am about midway through Vol. I of the Mueller Report. Should the Democrats attempt impeachment?

Well, the Senate will acquit with a probability of close to 1.0. So, is there some value to the House impeaching? Well, are there even enough Democrat votes there? I am not deliberately deferring to this site, but check out the poll numbers.

Here is my take: I trust Nancy Pelosi on this one. No, she isn’t perfect BUT she has great political instincts and knows how to count votes, so I’ll back her decision in much the way I’d back up a winning football coach. I’ll defer to her judgment, either way.

But, Fareed Zakaria makes an interesting argument here that makes sense to me.

Some late May politics and social issues…

Will the House impeach President Trump?
I still think that Fareed Zakaria raises some good points. But as the Muller Report gets digested and summarized..

More and more Democrats (and a Republican) in the House are clamoring for impeachment. I had wondered if there were enough votes, given that there are about 30 moderates representing reddish CDs. Fivethirtyeight thinks that there *probably* are.

Note: Nancy Pelosi is probably wise to slow-walk this.

I’ll be interested to see how this plays out. Note that Trump admitted (albeit, probably unwittingly) that Russia helped him win.

What I find interesting is that so many conservatives are fine with Trump praising a ruthless dictator who executes even his own officials. One was just recently executed.

And I admit that I am disgusted with Trump’s relationship with the military and how there seems to be little push-back (this is about the Navy, at least at first, trying to ensure that Trump didn’t see the ship name “John McCain”. Talk about a “triggered snowflake.”

Other issues

Thank you, Meryl Streep, for pushing back on this “toxic masculinity” nonsense.

Political correctness on campus: yes, some students ..AND FACULTY..will reject science if they think that the science in question runs counter to what they think “ought” to be true. Biology catches this from several angles: religious nutters can’t deal with evolution, and the woke can’t deal with the fact that humans aren’t blank slates.

I think that online discussions aren’t helping matters. I wonder if overuse of Twitter is leading me to stat thinking in slogans and catch phrases. There is some research that suggests that Twitter could make you dumber.

Should the Democrats attempt to impeach Trump?

I say “attempt” because I am not sure that the D’s have the votes. Remember that the 2018 “blue wave” was generated by red CD’s flipping and impeachment isn’t popular there, and nor does the public favor it (39-54, though they are aware that Trump lied).

Yes, things can change as they did during Nixon’s tenure (of course, there was no Fox News then)

Still at this time, I do not think it is a good idea.

Yes, I am aware of the “principle” argument (Trump broke the law and therefore should pay the price) but, in reality, impeachment is a political process. And unless Republicans (many more than one) come on board, we should try, at least at this time. This would give Trump “see, I told you so” to use in the 2020 election.

Yes, impeachment IS popular in some Congressional Districts, so let US Reps from said districts clamor for it. That too, is political.

But I am opposed to it…AT THIS TIME. We’ll see how the environment changes.

BTW, Trump’s approval ratings are more or less what they have been for months (42.7 from Real Clear..a slight downtick from 45, and 41.2 via Fivethirtyeight (their aggregation system is designed to guard against “false positives”) Same old, same old.

Should the Democrats in the House attempt to impeach Trump?

Yes, I am well aware that the Senate won’t even take it up, much less get 2/3. And frankly, I wonder if there are even enough votes in the House; Democrats in Congress say that there is little pressure from voters to pursue impeachment. And Fareed Zakaria explains why he thinks it is a bad idea:

I agree. Of course, when Zakaria starts out by saying “consider, for a moment, what the growing talk of impeachment among Democrats sounds like to the tens of millions of people who voted for Donald Trump…” and many of the liberal hot heads will tune out.

Still, impeachment IS overturning the results of the last election…it is that serious.

Ok, do the Democrats push for impeachment in the House?

Yes, I know; the House impeaches and the Senate convicts and there is no way in the world that the Senate is getting to 2/3. So, President Trump will NOT be removed from office.

But should the House take it up anyway?

First of all, what are the political implications? Of course, two situations are never exactly the same and Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about sex during a civil deposition. What Trump did appears to be far more sinister.

But anyway…let’s revisit Clinton: in 1998, while impeachment was being debated, the Republicans held both the House and Senate, though the D’s picked up 5 House seats (no net change in the Senate)

In 2000, the R’s held onto the House though the D’s picked up 1 seat. The D’s picked up 4 seats in the Senate to get it to 50-50, then got to 51 when Jeffords became an Independent and caucused with the Democrats. Ok, Bush won the EC (due to Florida) but lost the popular vote.

What role did impeachment play in this? I am not sure though Clinton left with stellar approval ratings.

So, what are the views?

Some say that the Democrats are ethically and duty bound to at least seriously consider impeachment or start impeachment proceedings, regardless of the political cost.

Some say that the political cost wouldn’t be worth it, given Trump won’t be removed and it would be a distraction from the agenda.

Some say that it would make good political sense; that voters want it. (I disagree that “voters want it.”

So, where am I? I am torn and can come down either way.

I do not know what will happen.