Things that give me heartburn

Well, last night, I caught Bradley’s 89-61 win over an Eastern Michigan team that played Michigan to a 5 point game. I was surprised they won so impressively; it was 41-21 at the half and the lead eventually reached 34 points.

The claimed attendance was 4110, but there were not that many there.

The game itself: this is the best I’ve seen Bradley play since the NCAA tournament years.

But prior to the game, I had Korean meatballs and I had the worst heartburn that I’ve had since 1999; this included radiating pain to my shoulder blades and jaw. But heartburn it was; water helped, then at home, a strong antacid pill knocked it out, completely. But I laid off of the spicy food today.

Today: well, seeing the score of the women’s game vs Wisconsin: 103-49; yes, I thought the team was in trouble when it struggled with a D2 team. This will be a gory season. Note: last year, they BEAT Wisconsin at home, prior to key injuries sending the season downhill.

Workout notes: did it differently today. Started off with PT and push ups: 30, 30, 30, 20. Then downstairs for deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 228 all low.

Then my walk (footing was ok)

Then pull ups: included 20 singes, sets of 5, etc.

Lunch: commuter walk.

Ok…now it gets interesting

Big follow up with the back doctor.

We are going the MRI route to see where the trouble is and perhaps get an injection there.

But also: I’ve had a weird symptom where it feels like I have to urinate …like I’ve drank a gallon of coffee..but there isn’t much there. That is classic prostate trouble. And yes, a swollen prostate can cause gluteal pain.

It could be coincidence but, well, my left pelvis/glute/hip area feels full; almost swollen.

Workout notes:

I didn’t do PT as I had a PT appointment. But I did stretch and did my own weight/resistance workout

pull ups: 10, 10, 10, 10, 12, 5, 6 (wide and chins)

push ups: 40 sissy, 30 feet elevated, 30 sissy

bench presses: legs up: 10 x 134, 10 x 134, 10 x 145

deadlifts: 10 x 144, 10 x 184, then 4 inch handles: 10 x 234 slowly.

felt it in the glutes and thighs..which is what I wanted.

September 12

Well, I definitely feel better. On Friday night, I found out that my “lab” COVID test (that I took on Thursday morning) was negative. So..whatever mystery illness I had, it wasn’t COVID.

Yesterday: watched some football on TV; grim news for me:

Virginia 42 Illinois 14

Air Force 23 Navy 3 (proved to be the most competitive game I watched)

Arkansas 40 Texas 21 (garbage time TD made it look closer)

At least Texas might have some wins on the horizon; Illinois is favored in one more game this season and even that is iffy. Now they are iffy underdogs to Northwestern…and it looks very grim for Navy.

Will I go to games?

The spread looks bad, but outdoors, with mask (yes, I am masking up) looks ok..especially for Illinois games. I haven’t seen any spikes around games as yet.

Why a mask? Droplet spread; aerosols won’t build up so the risk is mostly from droplets from nearby people, and masks do a great job filtering those.

Workout notes: yesterday: somewhat disappointing 1 mile walk; included a 2 mile before and 10 mile after bike; at least with the bike I did 5 harder miles (resistance up); lots of rehab.

Today: deadlifts and 2 mile walk (stretch at 1 mile and 1.6 miles); got to tingles; NOT to pain.

Deadlifts: were a bit disappointing; I knew I was weak on Wednesday.

10 x 134, 10 x 184 (ok)
10 x 224: a bit more work than I had hoped (shown)
5 sets of 3 x 251 (seemed I had no leg drive at all; sets 1 and 3 are shown)
high handle (skipped 4 inch handles; went to 8)
1 x 300 (bailed on rep 2; did not like how it felt)
3 x 300 (form was pretty bad)

But my legs got a workout and that is the point.

A few minutes and another week

Well, I continue to improve; stomach tolerated a bit more variety.

We’ll see about yesterday’s “lab level” COVID test; my antigen test last Friday was negative.

Yesterday: some rehab and some spinning on the bike: 32 minutes; did 2 miles of higher intensity (1 mile plus 4 quarters)

Today: weights only; pull ups: some singles, sets of 5; enough to get to 50 reps (including 10 chins), push ups: 25, 20, 20 (latter two with elevated legs) and some standing presses (with twist):

10 with the following: 2 10’s, 2 2.2 (28)
10 with 2 10’s, 2 4.4 (31.3)
10 with 2 10’s, 2 4.4, 2 2.2 (35.7)

Assuming 3.5 lb (from shipping weight)

And I did banded walks, chest taps, head stand; 75 minutes total.

Sep 8

Now feeling better: Sept 10:


Diet: closer to normal; salad with yogurt at dinner was probably unwise (some ab pain)

Workout: reduced: 5, 5, 10 lousy pullups, 5 better ones, 5 chins

abs…chest taps from knees.
push ups: 20, 20 (feet on porch, on stool)

downstairs: 3 sets of 10 x 27 shoulder presses

deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 3 x 224 (pain free, but was starting to labor)

I am not back yet.


I remember saying last year, “if I were 40, I’d mask up and make some games”. Well, it turns out that now that I am vaccinated, my death risk is like an non-vaccinated 40 year old! 80 year old who is vaccinated has the death risk of a non-vaccinated 50 year old. You still need to be careful.

In non-log scale form:

As far as going to the game, this is what the experts say (and I agree with most: mask up and go)

Back to vaccine efficacy WRT hospitalization: I showed the non-age adjusted calculations which gives 70-77 percent according to the various data I saw. Now if one adjusts for age:

Umisef (Twitter handle) did the crunching.


Symptoms today: still a bit “soft”; energy back up to maybe 85-90 percent…just a very, very slight, shallow but consistent “tickle cough”..almost from post nasal drip.

Workout: 33 minutes or so on the bike; some light stretching and rehab. Maybe boost to half workout tomorrow; pull ups, push ups, reasonable dead lifts (nothing energy sapping), stretch, bike. Lots of rest between sets.

Twitter: a conversation with some well intended but not-terribly math literate people lead me to look at Mississippi data:

As you can see, the 99-1 “cases” rate is absurd; even the initial trials didn’t claim that sort of efficacy; something on the order of 80-90 percent is much more realistic. And think about it: unvaccinated infections are harder to detect as they would tend to have a higher percentage of “none-to-mild” symptom cases.

On the other hand, the hospitalization efficacy is pretty much what we see here.

Hospital efficacy (50 percent vaccination rate) is about 70.2 percent.

Timeline: still not convinced

August 31: still felt normal.

September 1: felt tired at the end of the day.
September 2: very tired after a full workout; onset of GI issues…
September 3: on pink bismuth. made it through class and worked out (stupid). Died. Negative COVID test.

September 4: felt bad; passed on a game I wanted to see (Illinois lost so..) pink bismuth.

September 5: feel slightly better but colon cleanse continues. Rumbles most of the day.

death warmed over

I still worked out yesterday: did my usual complete weight routine (pull ups, push ups, curls, rows, light shoulder presses) and rehab. Some stomach upset…

taught…and went home and died.

BUT…my rapid antigen COVID test (10 am) came back…NEGATIVE.

I had hoped to go to the Illinois game this evening but nope. I feel somewhat better than yesterday but…well…seems like a norovirus.

So…football on TV for me today…kind of questioning the large crowds thing when there is no “mask in the stands” mandate. Yeah, I wore double masks last weekend and I suppose a KN-95 is good..I am probably LESS at risk at the game than I am in the overstuffed, poorly ventilated classrooms that I teach in (masks required, new COVID vax mandate about to take effect.)