Journey continues

Well…this will be more about the piriformis/back. It was a day where I stood up a lot and all in all..sore but it has been worse.

Workout: PT, pull ups, push ups, deadlifts; 80 minutes total. 40-50 were the pull ups/PT.

Pull ups: sets of 5 except 31-40 was done in a set of 10; went well.

Push ups: I now realize that I did only 80; 30 sissy, 30 feet elevated, 20 deficit. I didn’t do indoor push ups (did more PT)

deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184.

10 x 224: I focused on using quads and glutes more; less lumbar

10 x 300 8 inch: that was WORK..whew.

But no pain.

Bringing it back

I’ll have to work out the timing of this workout, but I stretched, walked, stretched, cycled, stretched.

The rehab was all back headstand and 3 minute plank.

walk: 15 minutes (reached 1 mile in 14:20) on the home treadmill…slight ache..very slight.

cycle: 30 minutes (10 fake miles) alternating easy-medium.

Did much of the McKenzie, Williams things, clam shell, flossing, and of course, the plank and headstand and some tree..also my “warrior series” and some down dog.

As far as the forward bend: it is a different movement than the hip hinge one does on a deadlift.

I am waaaaay too far back…after seeing this:

THIS is not in the cards for me:

from here

Not undoing progress

Well, today was sort of a rough one. PT was challenging but, I think, fruitful. I got a good stretch and some good exercises to do.

Walking: well, glute activation, start and the first walk (got cheated a bit on distance) I started to feel it 0.8-0.9 into it…made the first loop, stretched like crazy, went out a second time, felt good but this time, as symptoms started up again, I decided to stop, stretch and then finish. Note: I did the 1.11, (1.15 really), 0.74 and 0.34 in that order

A month ago, this workout would have delighted me, but today, I felt disappointed.

BUT…I think there are still things I can do. I can really adjust how I do the bench press; the arch and stress is probably bad for me. I moved a small step stool down and IF it goes well…maybe get something sturdier. The idea is do a legs up bench with a flat back, and swallowing the ego on the weight.

Getting it right

Yesterday was sort of a rough day, with respect to the walking to and from work, though the last “from” work was not that bad.

Wonder if I am torching my back with my bench press arch; next time maybe I take off 20 lb and do it flat with no attempted “power arch”. It isn’t as if I am training for competition.

pull ups: 5 sets of 10, 2 of 5 with PT before and in between.

push ups: this time only 30 sissy, 30 feet elevated because:

PT, then bench press: 10 x 134, 5 x 174, 3 x 185, 4 x 174 (wonder if I strained it a bit here)

rows: 3 sets of 10, curls: 3 sets of 10
high incline shoulder presses: 10 x 99, 10 x 99, 10 x 104

Note: when pushing down on the knee I did feel a “snap” followed by an increase of range of motion..then ..ache?

Maybe progress?

Lots of PT, a LOT of it.
Then I walked. I tried to go out slower and while the walk was ok, I felt the onset of symptoms at .8-1.0 or so and finished in slight pain. Ok..same old, same old.

But my post walk stretch had me feeling very good and so I decided to try a second walk and I felt great..just great…for .7 miles or so…then I could feel the tingles start, but no real pain (and that was mild) until the very end.

So…all in all, it was a success and my back flexibility is greater than before. I’ve added the side to the wall stretch (7 minutes here) and I’ve made sure to push my knee DOWN during the cross leg piriformis stretch. Note in the photo how her leg is parallel to the floor and how my knee pops up (that is the tightness)

I cannot get my top leg parallel; the tightness in the piriformis causes my knee to pop upward. Learning to press that down helps a great deal.

backsliding or not?

Yesterday was sort of a rough day, glute/back wise…but my lower leg to foot joint and my knee ached slightly too, and, to be honest, it was not THAT painful; it was that I was ready to quit by the time I had walked home.

But today..and last night for that matter..better? Yes, a cold front moved in, and yes, I *probably* have an arthritic condition of some sort (it was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis at one time..and the diagnosis was withdrawn) so who the heck knows.

Part of it was that I was not stretching my piriformis in the “out” direction like I should, and perhaps I wasn’t doing as many office stretches as I should?

This might just be the “new me.”

Friday: upper body weights; 85 minutes. Did the full PT prior to going outside (sans the prone knee lifts): 50 single pull ups (10 seconds), 2 sets of 5; push ups were 30, 30 sissy, 30 elevated, 10 deficit.

Inside: 10 x 134, 5 x 174, 5 x 174, 5 x 176 bench press

3 sets of single arm rows.

3 sets of curls

3 sets of “almost upright/high incline” shoulder presses: 10 x 88 (too easy) 10 x 93, 10 x 98 (just right)

Today: full PT, deadlifts, PT/stretch, 1.15 mile walk.

deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 (all beltless)

main set: 5 sets of 3 x 295 (3 minutes each).

Afterward, I did feel the left IT band on my press ups…but milder…I do have a PT condition to worry about too.

The sets of 295 were moderately challenging but not that hard. There was some lumbar being used but certainly not all. Need to stretch that left IT band.

Disappointment part 2

A few seconds slower, but this time the Garmin “gave” me a longer distance. LOL.

What was different: I did banded walk, glute bridges and plank clamshells PRIOR to the walk and it seemed to help a bit; but just about 1 mile I felt it. Not severe but I’ve been sort of stuck here. Then again, I am still recovering from my ill advised single leg squat experiment, and I would have been overjoyed at this walk a month ago.

Some discomfort later in the day too..not bad..nowhere near what it once was. And the back is better.

Kind of disappointing

The lifting was fine..even decent. But the glute…it hasn’t really regressed but I have not seen a big jump improvement that I initially saw. This was sort of “same as last week” though I suppose I need to recover from those ill advised single leg squats. And I need to stretch more; 3 times a day isn’t quite enough.

Workout: fine.

pull ups: 2 sets of 10 singles, 2 sets of 5, 2 sets of 10, then 2 sets of 5 (wide, chin)

outside: band walks, knee raises, sit to stand (2-3 each) shoulder stuff, 30 sissy, 30 feet elevated. That took 40-45 minutes

Inside: 2 sets of 20 push ups, with spinal balance, side leg lifts, side plank/clam shell, one legged bridges, dead bug, prone knee raises. Total: 15 minutes Just before 7 am.

Downstairs: deadlifts: (30-35 minutes); 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 234 (low) (modest challenge)

10 x 256 4 inch (kind of easy), 10 x 295 8 inch (most challenging of the day) ; resisted temptation to try 300 and that was good.

Afterward: yoga, stretch; felt that “down the side of the left leg” sensation on the press ups (past 2-3 weeks..sometime) but it did not last.

Some tingles on the walks to and from work; perhaps not enough stretching?

Recovering from stupidity

Doing these were a bad idea; left me very sore for a few days:

Still, today’s PT went well; the therapist knows how to order things in level of difficulty. I’ll have to use some of those lessons.

Back flexibility was ok though:

The pre-PT workout: walk (went so-so..ready to quit when I did) and 30 minutes on the bike.

The irony: this was my fastest time this year on this course slowest pace because my Garmin got it shorter than the Map My Walk.

Go figure.

Mapquest got this as 1.166 which is what Map My Walk got it, which gives a 13:48 pace, which is what it actually felt like.


Yeah, my left glute/IT band is a bit achy; wonder if those single legged chairs were too much. Certain this is not the back. It almost feels swollen.

Workout notes: I kept to the scheduled PT and the dead bugs, spinal balance and side leg lifts.

Pull ups: 50 singles on the 10, then two sets of 5 (wide, chin) with PT

push ups: 30 Sissy, 2 sets of 30 elevated, 10 deficit

The outdoor: included band walks, shoulder pt, knee raises, one legged sits. This all took about 40 minutes.
Indoor PT: 15 minutes.

Then 40 minutes of weights:

bench: 10 x 134, 3 sets of 5 x 174 (first set was the hardest)

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 60 each arm.

curls: 3 sets of 10 x 50

shoulder press/high incline: 10, 10 with 98, 10 with 103 (about right)

Still..ache in the glute/side.