On my way back, finally?

Ok, today’s workout took about 2.5 hours; I don’t think I have time for that on most days (at least not in one chunk).


stretch, some glue activation (dead bug, spinal balance, one leg bridges),

1.5 mile walk (14:22 pace); almost pain free; pain free for the first mile (downright enjoyable, almost tingle free for the next 0.3-0.4 then a few tingles.

It appears that my abs got tired and I started to slump just a bit.

Then stretching and a leisurely series of PT exercises including: one leg stands from sitting, knee raises, one leg chairs, banded walks, shoulder PT too
Then inside for more dead bug, spinal balance, side leg lifts, fire hydrants, prone knee lifts

Then 30 minutes on the bike to finish it off.

No, I am NOT 100 percent healthy; not really close to that, but it has been a very long time since I’ve had a pain free walk of this duration.

I don’t know if I’ll backslide or not, but the difference, at least so far, is the open book type stretches for the lower lumbar. (0r here)