Catch up on stuff

Yesterday: pull ups: 30 singles (on 10 seconds), 2 sets of 10, then 2 sets of chins (5 each), pushups, (25, 25, 20), curls, rows, overhead presses (3 sets of 10; dumbbells worked better for the overhead, included 30 min bike

Today: 2 mile walk with Lynn (Stretch at 1, 1.5), yoga with Ms. V and 15 fake miles (with 5 at higher resistance), rehab, last PT for a while.

Walk to work: hurt a bit.

Covid progression

Given a 50 percent vaccination rate: 70.2 percent efficacy vs. hospitalization, 87.8 percent vs. ICU, 90 percent ventilator.

Note the risk maps from August 22 to today…9 days.

Chiefs second to last homestand..

This was “Bark in the Park” and yes, it featured a rain delay where we got soaked. I drove Barbara home and then returned to watch the Chiefs finish with a double play and a 7-2 win.

The Chiefs jumped on a pitcher with a 3.8 ERA and got 6 runs; one was a towering solo shot that ended up by the white fence at the picnic area.

More tire adventures

Yeah, I ran my new tires over another nail, probably from a neighbor’s fence board that had fallen into my driveway.

But a 9 am Sunday appointment took care of that.

I did break up my workout though.

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184
work sets: 10 x 224, 3 x 256, 3 x 256, 3 x 256, 3 x 256, 3 x 261 (all on 3, all low)

Medium high: 3 x 274, 3 x 274 (on 3)

High: 3 x 300, 3 x 300

Best part: no back issues.

Then tires.

Then: back home; did rehab (including band walks), 1 mile walking (1 stretch break at .7..the walking the day before was hard on my injury)

then 10 fake miles; did up the ante in the higher resistance.

Sports and stuff (yes, I masked up)

Double header Chiefs game on Thursday (lost 3-2, won 3-1) and Illinois football vs Nebraska today (won 30-22). Yes, I masked up both times, though I took off my mask for most of the Chiefs game due to being away from people. I wore it in the concourses and when people got near us.

Today: single mask to the game and doubled up when the crowd started to fill in: sports mask on the lower layer; block I mask outer.

Chiefs: though both games were good, the Chiefs looked sharp in game 2. In game 1, a player who used to play for Dallas Baptist belted a home run into the left field berm.

Barbara stayed with us for most of game 1; Tracy was a trooper and sat through both.

Illinois 30 Nebraska 22.

I went with Harry to this game (my tire went flat when I drove it over a nail..a neighbor’s fence post fell on my driveway…grrr…

The game started with a punt exchange and then Nebraska made an error on a punt which lead to a safety.

Illinois got a long run but sacks forced them to a long field goal attempt, which failed.

Second quarter: Nebraska hit a big pass and later punched it in; missed the extra point to lead 6-2.

Another drive, and a field goal made it 9-2. But then came a big turn around: the Illini backup quarterback was intercepted. But the play was called back for “roughing the passer”..and the Illini scored on that drive to tie the game.

Time remained in the half…but then a sack/fumble “scoop and score” gave the Illini a 16-9 lead at the half.

Then came the 3’rd quarter.

Opening drive: ate up 8:30 (mostly on runs) and gave the Illini a 23-9 lead. Another stop, another drive and it was 30-9 with the 3’rd almost gone.

Ooops; 75 yard quarterback keeper for Nebraska made it 30-16.

The various drives stalled and Nebraska finally converted with 2:41 to cut it to 30-22..they missed their second extra point of the day.

They got the ball back with 1:11 left but no time outs..and eventually failed on downs.

I do wonder..maybe it would have been a better move to go upstairs, even in the heat?

Workout catch up

Thursday: yoga class, 2 mile walk with Lynn; stretch after 1 mile, then again at 1.7. Slightly too far; then 32 minutes on the bike and rehab.

Friday: lots of rehab; pull ups (included 3 sets of 10, 4 of 5, 10 singles), push ups 20, 25, 25 (two sets with feet elevated), curls (3 sets of 10), rows (3 sets of 10) and some shoulder presses; played with bench, dumbbells (2 sets of 10)

Saturday: walk 1.2 (stretch after .7, not lose enough), 30 minute bike, some rehab and walking to and from the game; almost 1 mile each way.

I have some ache this evening; I need to stretch and roll again.

Last night; slight shoulder pain; probably due to screwing in the weight plate rods.

Day one

Still alive…it will be busy but I see that putting stuff online is about 30 minutes extra work. Not that bad.

Last night: I saw 5.5 innings; the Chiefs were losing 5-2 when I left and the Cubs scored 2 more before the game was postponed. I did see their young star hit a huge home run to tie the game at 2.

Pitching was dreadful; no control at all.

But weather postponed the game.

My own workout this morning: woke up extra early due to GI issue. (no, not THAT issue; the other way that occurs when I eat too much meat)

Workout took 2:10 to do.

pull ups: 10 singles, 3 sets of 10, 4 sets of 5 (really) with a lot of rehab as rest.
push ups: 25, 25, 20 with feet up. Not quite ready to do more.

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 low. 10 x 260 high handle…no strain on the back.

Note: that is 224; the steel plates are so skinny this looks like 40-50 lb.

Cycle: 10 fake miles (just over 30 min)
New challenge: single leg squats: get up and down; those physical therapists: I like them.

Rehab: I did have a brief spot of shoulder pain last night…not sure. Not enough stretching?

Chiefs game:

Fleetwood Mac to fire us up…few there.

Here comes the weather.


Last few reps were shaky

Better range of motion; improves as I go on.

These high handles are very easy on my back; 260 went up 10 times with few issues.

What a strange year….

Got a vaccine…posted my card…

Got two sports injuries..ended up with months of PT

Took a trip..ran over a screw ended up spending the night to get new tires

Found out my spouse got COVID (breakthrough infection); ended up serving her meals outside of our bedroom door..and I slept in the guest room

Had a medical appointment with my PA …via video conference…she was in her bedroom in what appeared to be a robe (or house coat) with disheveled “bed hair” but it still went VERY well…

Then took my first department meeting via my phone on a picnic table outside my PT office.

I have a feeling this year will get even sillier.

All set

Yoga, walk with Lynn (1.44 miles; one break) then 20 fake miles on my home bike; long rehab session at PT.

PT is about to send me away, but there is a challenge for me: getting out of my chair using one leg.

Later: A Chief’s game; it will be hot and I have my mask. Should cool down some at night.

About COVID: Peoria seems to have plateaued at high 30’s-low 40’s cases per day. But given the dearth of mask wearing; I think we will get creamed. You are already heading the helicopters …

Some videos

On the verge of getting going…I’ll have to make some progress on my two papers. This will require some weekend/evening work, I think.


I used the fact that our area is 50 percent vaccinated to do some efficacy calculation: efficacy with respect to hospitalization is about 77 percent..not taking into account risk groups.

So, no, “breakthrough hospitalizations are not “rare.”

Workout notes: kind of sore glutes so no cycling or walking today; (though forgetting my keys did help me make the campus trip and 4 flights a 3’rd time)

Pull ups (60 reps, 3 sets of 10, 1 set of 10 singles, 4 sets of 5), push ups (25, 25, 20 with legs up), rehab, curls (3 sets of 10), rows (3 sets of 10..lighter weight), seated presses (10 x 44, 8 x 66..pathetic)

Almost back to “normal”…sort of..


Students have returned and I am preparing lessons…tying up lose ends and trying to keep my computer from continually updating.

Yes, I have gone to quite a few ball games (ok, my stadium is almost always 70-80 percent empty…sometimes 90 percent )

I am starting to walk just a bit…ok…not exactly marathon training:

Yes, the walk was sans stretching breaks …though it did feel sore on the walk to the office. But I did more than that.

Shoulder: much better range of motion on pull ups, even with elevated legs:

Social: an old friend that I was on the outs with appears to have reappeared. That IS nice.


  1. I still felt the sting of a hard workout after the fact; piriformis/glute medius is NOT 100 percent…maybe 80 percent?
  2. Shoulder is not ready for “normal weight” presses..still using 44-64 for overhead shoulder presses….and swimming won’t happen for a while.
  3. COVID-delta, aided by unvaccinated morons, continues to spread, which is, yes, spreading to vaccinated people:

New York Times, 22 August.

I have not eaten in restaurants …but I’ve done outdoor stuff ..and I mask up when I am close to people. I tend to keep to myself (little talking directly to people) so that helps…and yes, I have game masks.

And my course prep includes video, recording and online stuff.

So….NOT normal.

Workout notes: Ok, this went from about 7:35 to 10:35. Deadlifts ate up about 50 minutes, the walk about 20 (see the above) and my cycle 33 (10 fake miles). The rest was rehab; stretching, shoulder, banded walks, chest taps, spinal balance, rolling my butt on a baseball, blah, blah, blah.

So the deadlift went something like this:

10 x 134, 10 x 184 warm up.

Working set: 10 x 224, then “on the 3”: 3, 3, 3, 3, 5 x 255 (went VERY well);

I then took 7-8 minutes to switch to my new trap is a MONSTER.

High handles (7.5 as opposed to 4 inches..makes a difference)
3 x 260, 3 x 260, 3 x 280, 3 x 300…all “on the 3” No back issues at all.

I am using the “high handle” as a type of squat..hips lower.

Then the walk, then the bike.

I was worried that partially cleaning out my basement (5 large contractor bags of trash and an old, rotted reclining chair)

Note: some of the stuff (1 inch plates, shorter bar, portable bench and squat racks) are for outdoor use..when my shoulder is ready.