Keeping humble

No, I don’t have anything to brag about. But I WAS feeling pretty good and today’s walk: a bit risky and I felt pain at 1.2 miles; I did two super quick (as in 15-20 second) stretch ‘er out breaks which helped.

Agenda: stretch:

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 234 (all good)

Main set (on the 3 mintues) 3, 3, 3, 3, 4 x 290. All were ok; declined a 5’th rep attempt on the last set as rep 4 I could feel the lumbar start to get recruited into the lift.

Stretch;activate..(felt the left IT side/thigh on the first McKenzie)

walk: 1.5 miles at 14:55; kind of damp.

More PT and finish with a yoga series. One leg chair and one leg tree: MUCH better on the weak leg; undeniable progress.

Personal: 2 years ago, I set up my outdoor pull up bar and introduced my spotter bench press bench a few days later….I already had rubber 45 lb plates and a trap bar.

1 year ago: found out I was eligible for the vaccine…got it 2 days later. Oh happy day!

Moderna 2 side effects

Workout: LOL, 25 minutes of stretching. I might do a half workout tomorrow if I feel up to it.

Yesterday: kind of allergy eyes, lethargic.

Today: tired, light body aches (mild), firing up of old injuries (slightly); sort of “fell into a well” during the afternoon only to get a second wind. Now I am slowing down again.

Somewhat sore upper arm, very cold hands, lung burn (oh-so-slight) and fatigue. I think shingles 2 and “flu plus shingles” was more tiring. But this is only day 1.

vaccine 2

Yep, got shot no. 2 today. So far: “allergy eyes”…sort of fatigue.

workout: yesterday’s walk was ugh…

It was painful. Too painful for being that short at that pace.

Today’s pre vaccine workout:

pull ups: 50 reps; sets of 5, singles, etc.

push ups: 3 sets of 20 (some strain)

bench press: 3 sets of 10 x 94 (touch the chest)

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134
curls: 3 sets of 10 x 54

shoulder presses: working out the proper depth…bar to the eyes seems to be just right. 3 sets of 10 x 94

the press set was set 2; set 3 went better.

Now to examine my piriformis; wonder if shoes is the culprit.

COVID vaccine and working out

I got Moderna (shot 1) on Tuesday…a week ago. Side effects: somewhat subtle; sore to the touch arm, “allergy eyes”; slightly elevated temperature (kind of a warm rush) and my old injuries: felt all of them somewhat…that seems to happen every time I get a bug). I also had slightly diminished energy.

I still walked; a training walk yesterday and a social one this morning (5K, 2 miles respectively) and also lifted today.

As usual, Lynn was good company (masks, social distance)

The walk: it did ache early yesterday; today: slight.

Shoulder: some tenderness…I did cut the bench press short as my shoulder is not ready to be challenged in that position, yet.

The weights:

pull ups: 10 singles, 10, 10 singles, 6, 6, 5, 2, 3 (2 were chin grip..these might be ok)

rotator cuff (lots) and hip hikes

bench: 10 x 94, 10 x 114, 5 x 134, 3 x 145 (cut short..wrong kind of pain on rep 3), 5 x 134

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134

shoulder press: adjusted the spotter arms up: 10 x 99, 10 x 99, 10 x 105

curls: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (?)

shoulder will take a while.

And my vaccine envy ends

Started the day with a walk with Lynn; about 1.6 miles again.

The bridge was lit up Bradley red to celebrate the Bradley women making the NCAA, where they lost to Texas 81-62. Texas has a future WNBA draft pick at center.

Still, Bradley’s star played well scoring 33 points, but Texas had more overall talent.

Then I got my first shot of Moderna.

Yes, you can see the band aid. You can also see a soft midsection and a not too well developed arm; it is puzzling that I can do as many pull ups as I can do, given my lack of…muscle.

Afterward, I lifted to try to prevent arm soreness..I feel a bit of fatigue and a bit of “foggy brain”; that’s about it.

pull ups: 10 singles, 10 reps, 10 singles, 5 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps.

usual rotator cuff

shoulder presses: 10 x 99, 10 x 99, 10 x 105, 7 x 110 (a bit shallow on a few reps)

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134

incline presses: 10 x 114, 4 x 134, 3 x 134, 10 x 114

curls: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (10 kg plate, 1 kg collar on each side)

bench presses: 2 sets of 10 x 94 (very easy, full range of motion)

This took about 80 minutes..kind of surprising but it takes bit of time to change benches and arms/j cup settings.

Note: those thin steel pates are 20 lb heavier than the thicker black rubber ones.

Finally eligible

Monday: Higher Ed people are now eligible

Today: ok walk; alright…I got to the point of being achy but ..aches came on at about mile 3

Later: my lightweight adjustable bench came. I can bring this outside and I can now do incline presses. I am at a point where I can do every exercise I used to do, pre-pandemic.
Yes, the squat rack, spotter arms and now bench make my spotter bench redundant, but ..that is such an awesome bench, and it is more rugged.

This light weight bench has a user plus weight capacity of 600 lb, so if I start incline bench pressing 400 lb, I’ll have to upgrade. 🙂 (last year, 135-150 was good for me..)

Those instructions!

Resentment: toxic and intoxicating ….

My vaccine envy…yes it is illogical.

Would I rather I have a job where I couldn’t isolate from the public? No.

Would I rather be older than I am? No.

Would I rather I have a “non-optional” comorbidity? No.

Would I rather I regain all that weight..(to become obese again) or to take up smoking? No.

Would I rather I live in a red state where my current age make me eligible?

Not if it means not protecting essential workers first.

Not if it means that there is a lot of a vaccine left because I lived among COVID deniers, anti-maskers or conspiracy idiots.

The line is long where I live because of the blue collar nature of the place (lots of workers can’t isolate), poor public health (lots of fat smokers and others with comorbidities) and because …people here WANT to be vaccinated (a good thing). I note that my neighborhood store has masked patrons.

And let’s face it; I am busy this semester; I am teaching overload (tons of grading) fact just some this afternoon…and it isn’t as if I am going anywhere. I go to the office to teach (and had the option of teaching online only) I workout at home or in my neighborhood, maybe go get takeout or groceries, or to the drug store. That’s pretty much it.

Baseball doesn’t start until May 18 so…I have nowhere to go anyway.
Given I have type O blood, I am about as safe as any non-vaccinated person can be (only higher risk is age)

Nevertheless, resentment is hard to stop and my goodness, does the self-righteous feel good..even unjustified.

And the Republican politicians understand this in a way that Democrats do not, which is why the only reason we ever win is when the Republicans govern so incompetently.

Another take:


Vaccine Envy: back of the line blues

Vaccine envy I am seeing more and more people get it. I remain ineligible.

Ok, live in Illinois. I am 4 years too young to be eligible by age (I am 61)

People whose jobs are unable to be done remotely are ahead of me. Ok, they SHOULD be. Totally agree.

Some…like prisoners…well, I might not like them but they cannot isolate and they can infect workers, guards, nurses, etc. So, I agree.

Some have comorbidities…a few which are self inflicted (obesity, smoking…yes, being a smoker is classified as having a qualified comorbidity. I note with irony that if I had not maintained my 120 lb weight loss I’d be eligible )

I don’t like all of it..though I sympathize with the “by no fault of theirs comorbidity”….but I agree, on public health grounds.

So my vaccine envy is really….cursing the fact that I am almost dead last in line because I have a safe job and I have good health. Those are usually considered least by rational people.

Oh, I have type O in terms of the body I was blessed with, I am about as safe as a non-hermit can be.

So, I’ll leave it at that; bitterness helps no one.


Ok, the piriformis felt better than the shoulder but the shoulder…didn’t feel that bad. Maybe things are looking…better?

First: 5K walk.

I did the Williams set and the McKenzie set first.

Then came the weights; pull ups (sets of 6-10 singles, 5-6 reps..50 reps total) with rotator cuff/hip hikes

shoulder presses: 10 x 94, 10 x 105, 9 x 110, 10 x 94, and a failed attempt at 115..felt pain so I stopped immediately and retreated to 94 lb.

curls: 3 sets of 10 x ?? 50 lb? (10 kg plates, 1 kg collars, bar weighs very little)

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134 (better position)

bench press: full reps: 10 x 44, 10 x 94, 10 x 94, 10 x 94 I decided to use a weight that made full reps painless and just work back, taking as long as it takes.

Pull ups: very cautious

9 x 110 supported shoulder press

115 felt awful from the start (felt “bad pain”) , so I bailed..retreated to 10 x 94 instead.