The work around..

This post will be more about my COVID-19 workouts; at a later time I’ll write about some thoughts I am having.

Yesterday: stated with a hilly 5.1 mile run in 59:35; I actually “picked it up” to 10 minutes per mile to beat one your. This was the usual Cornstalk course. Then some outdoor lifting (drug my toys outside)

Pull ups: 10 sets of 5 (bar was slick…didn’t find my orange “gripper” gloves until later.
rotator cuff
dips: 4 sets of 10: getting better at these
dumbbell shoulder press: 10 x 39, 10 x 44, 10 x 44
bent over rows with barbell: 5, then 10, 10 with 94 lbs.
Clean and press: 5 singles, set of 5, triple, 2 singles all with 94 (bumper plates)
Dumbbell curls: 3 sets of 8 with 2 10, 1 “2 kg” (26 lb)

This morning: “serpentine” course around the BU neighborhood regions (almost deserted) then 3 more in a busy West Peoria region 2:16 for 8 miles total.


My outdoor set up

I wore my “Quad Cities Marathon” gloves yesterday

I spent several hours cleaning out the basement and several more putting this together. It was quite the chore: steel is very heavy and I didn’t have a torque wrench to use. I almost got a second workout doing this.

About my home gym Prior to December of last year: I had an old 1984 bench, a “cheap” Olympic bar, iron weights, a heavy duty “1 inch” bar with a lot of weight for it (including 4 20 Kg plates) and a curl bar. When I started to do dead lifts at home, I added 2 45 bumper plates and a hex bar. Then when I knew that BU would be closing, I assumed (incorrectly) that I had a week of the Riverplex left; I did not. But anyway I decided to plan as if I’d have to lift at home. So I added:

Pull up and dip bar (outdoor: “Power Tower”)
dumbbell handles with 4 10 lb. plates (screw on)
25 lb. bumper plates (to lift on the porch)
Squat racks with bench press safety catch
Then recently: that monster weight bench with spotter pins.

So, I can do pretty much everything at home, except for incline/decline presses.

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