Moderna shot 2: working out

Moderna shot 2 on Tuesday.

Wednesday: stretching

Thursday: started to feel better; slow 2 mile walk in the am (15:40 pace)

Friday: MUCH better; 2 mile walk (14:3x pace)

But, I still felt my glute and shoulder firing up (recently dinged.) and some body stiffness and pains; it was as if I had overdone workouts even though I had not lifted since Tuesday.

Today, I decided to see what I could do and to try out my new multi-grip bar.

rotator cuff/hip hikes: the usual.

Pull ups: 5, 5, 10, 6 more sets of 5 (2 chin up style, 1 wide grip)

push ups: 3 sets of 25 (not that bad)

Bench: tried out my new multi-grip bar; was disappointed in that it didn’t help the shoulder discomfort that much (but keep reading)

2 sets of 10 with the bar only (45) touching the chest)

Did some “pin press” reps; 2 sets of 10 with 95, close grips were a no-go with any weight at all, and 1 rep with 135 was painful..

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134

shoulder press: usual 3 sets of 10 x 94; tried to get arms to parallel; mostly succeeded but didn’t really “feel good.”

curls: one set with the muti-grip bar (good), 2 sets of 54.

shoulder press: multi-grip: 10 x 45 felt GREAT, 10 x 65 didn’t feel that bad; got somewhat better ROM..I think that this is where it will work very well.

I didn’t injure the shoulder on the bench; it was on re-racking the shoulder press a few weeks ago.

First set; didn’t know what to expect.

Pulling motions don’t hurt.

Push ups feel ok

Close grip: no-go.

Shoulder presses: don’t feel great, but ok. Range of motion is limited.

The multi-grip bar works well here; I might stick with this for shoulder presses.

Finishing with curls. My muscles are “impressionistic.”

Moderna 2: 54 hours later

That’s the arm. It itches a bit. I was tired last night; had the “split sleep” and “second sleep”; walked a bit and then did some work stuff.
Feeling MUCH better right now..perking up.

Earlier today, I had the “I just played football the day before” level of body aches and fatigue; now it is subtle fatigue.

The walk: tingles at about 1.5 and I quit just at the onset of mild pain. I wonder if I can do this every other day, without making things worse.

Moderna 2 side effects

Workout: LOL, 25 minutes of stretching. I might do a half workout tomorrow if I feel up to it.

Yesterday: kind of allergy eyes, lethargic.

Today: tired, light body aches (mild), firing up of old injuries (slightly); sort of “fell into a well” during the afternoon only to get a second wind. Now I am slowing down again.

Somewhat sore upper arm, very cold hands, lung burn (oh-so-slight) and fatigue. I think shingles 2 and “flu plus shingles” was more tiring. But this is only day 1.

COVID vaccine and working out

I got Moderna (shot 1) on Tuesday…a week ago. Side effects: somewhat subtle; sore to the touch arm, “allergy eyes”; slightly elevated temperature (kind of a warm rush) and my old injuries: felt all of them somewhat…that seems to happen every time I get a bug). I also had slightly diminished energy.

I still walked; a training walk yesterday and a social one this morning (5K, 2 miles respectively) and also lifted today.

As usual, Lynn was good company (masks, social distance)

The walk: it did ache early yesterday; today: slight.

Shoulder: some tenderness…I did cut the bench press short as my shoulder is not ready to be challenged in that position, yet.

The weights:

pull ups: 10 singles, 10, 10 singles, 6, 6, 5, 2, 3 (2 were chin grip..these might be ok)

rotator cuff (lots) and hip hikes

bench: 10 x 94, 10 x 114, 5 x 134, 3 x 145 (cut short..wrong kind of pain on rep 3), 5 x 134

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134

shoulder press: adjusted the spotter arms up: 10 x 99, 10 x 99, 10 x 105

curls: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (?)

shoulder will take a while.

Day 2

Yesterday, I had a bit of brain fog, fatigue, and slight muscle aches. Today: after sleeping a long time, not much.

Walk with Lynn and then light weights on my own:

5K walk (very slowly; modest piriformis ache)

weights: rotator cuff stuff:

pull ups: 50 reps; a couple of sets of 10 singles, lots of sets of 5, then 5 singles (decent quality)

bench: 10 x 94, 10 x 114, 10 x 114, 4 x 134, 5 x 134 …maybe ready to progress?

deadlift: 10 x 134, 10 x 189 (22 lb and 5.5 lb plates), 10 x 224 (not that bad)

shoulder: 10 x 99, 10 x 99, 10 x 99 (trying for decent range of motion)

That was enough for today.

Made up some exams…thinking about Bessel functions for tomorrow..