Like voting: not all unicorns and rainbows

It has now been two weeks since my injection. So the report: definitely better, but not perfect.

Example: I walked home from the gym without fear of pain; I wasn’t limping when I got home. I can handle six 2 mile walks per week. Less pain when doing the crawl.

BUT some pain is there (in dulled form) and I have to mind my posture. And it is still 40 minutes of PT every danged day… that is not going to change.

I can sympathize with those who hate working out at all; my PT is like that: unrewarding but necessary.

And voting is like that. You aren’t going to get everything you want. If you get even a 1/3 or even a 1/4 of what you want, you chose wisely, especially if that fraction is from your most important items.

Workout notes: started my PT late and didn’t walk before..didn’t want to walk in the rain after.


600 of the usual alternating side and back

200 of the usual front kick, free

200 in 3:38 with 50 back (too slow but I had no one to chase)

200 in 3:32 with 50 back (better)

100 in 1:42 with 50 back

100 in 1:42 with 50 back

50 in 0:48 with 50 back

50 in 0:47 with 50 back

200 pull in 3:36 (easy effort)

Weight: 205 afterward (probably bloated again)

12 days out

12 days from the injection. What I notice:

  1. day to day activities cause far less glute pain. No more limping home from the office, gym, etc.
  2. Walking: I have not been able to extend my distance, but the level of pain is well down; 2 miles is still reasonably pleasant; before, I had to start pushing through moderate pain in the final .2-.4 miles. Walking pace is faster; more “pop” in my legs.
  3. Post workout pain and night tingles are way down.

So, I’d say that it was worth it.

Still: today PT (full), 2 mile walk

This was my full 2 laps of my H course between Cooper, Laura, Rebecca.

Then 3 minute plank; did some online errands (bills)

Then 2000 yard swim. 700 warm up of side/back, 300 of 25 front kick, 25 swim

1000 of 250 swim, 250 pull in 18:34

4:44, 9:14, 14:04 were the splits: 4:44, 4:30, 4:50, 4:30

Weight: 204.7 after swimming; I am going to have to cut back on food. I have been stuck here for months.

Shoulders: slight soreness…holding up ok.

Weight: yes, some of it is butt and legs, but waaaaay to much is plain old belly fat.

Not rainbows and unicorns

10 days after the injection:

  1. Night tingles reduced.
  2. Day to day “small stuff” pain greatly diminished.
  3. Swim pain (glute) mostly gone
  4. Ok, walking: 2 miles kind of feels like 1.5 used to and there is far less “after the fact” glute pain. But there are still tingles and duller pain..pretty dulled but still there. I also think that I get more “pop” out of my leg.
  5. Trying to learn how to squat: that still sucks.

Today: most of my PT

2 mile walk (slower)

Two months ago, this would have been exciting. Today is is “meh” due to the gorgeous weather.

More PT then 2000 yd swim:

600 of side/back

200 of 25 front balance kick, 25 free

50 alternating free/back recovery free (49, 48)

100 free, 50 back (1:41, 1:42)

100 back

100 of 25 free, 25 front kick

Then 500 of: 100 pull, 150 swim, 150 pull, 100 swim (9:36)

203.8 after swimming.

On one hand, this swim is nothing compared to what I once did. On the other hand, it is a major improvement from when I started (restarted swimming)

And the shoulder feels great.

1 week check

It has been one week since the injection. I honestly think it has helped; tingles way down, pain way down; not much tightness during my swim.

Weight: 203.1 after swimming.

Swim: 600 of 100 side, 100 back

200 of 25 front kick, 25 swim

200 in 3:28

100 back

200 in 3:29

100 back

3 x 100 swim, 100 pull in 11:50 (9:47 for the first 500)

Maybe tomorrow I’ll see what I can do.

Qualified success?

5 days after injection: I can say that walking is better. Yes, I get after tingles, but the neurogenic claudication is MUCH better; I am not in “pre-limping mode” when I stop with my shorter walks.

Today: PT, with some attempt to squat fully (body still won’t quite do it..ankles?) with my before and after walks (first walk was the faster of the two today)

When will I try to do it all at once? Haven’t worked up the courage..yet. This weekend?

Then I swam 1850 yards: usual 800 yards of 100’s of side, back, and 200 of swim drills and swim.

Then my old 4 x 250 (alt swim/pull) with equipment changes; 4:47, 9:25, 14:14, 18:46 or

Swim: 4:47, 4:49, pull 4:38, 4:32.

Shoulder: not an issue..but we’ll see what the night brings.

Weight: 204.7 after swimming…then again I did have a lot of water before. Dinner with Lynn the night before.

A bit better

late start…full PT, then a 1850 yard swim: 600 of side/back, 200 25 kick, 25 free, then 1000 in 18:50 alternating 250 free, 250 pull: 4:45, 9:25, 14:14, 18:50 which breaks it down: 4:45, 4:40, 4:49, 4:36 or 9:34 for swimming, 9:16 for pulling.

Weight: 204 after swimming. Then a walk:

It went better than expected; started to feel bad at 1.6 but it never got terrible.

Note: shoulder tired out…sore afterward but felt good with a stretch.

Workout catch up part n+1

Yesterday: I did some work on my outstanding paper (as in “overdue”) and the workout was: PT, 2 mile walk (warm), 1800 yard swim.

Swim: 600 of side/back (100 breast too)

200 of kick/swim (no fins)

5 x 100 swim, 100 pull (19:15)

slight shoulder soreness the next day.

Today: weights only; PT, pull ups: 5, 5, 10, 7-3, 7-3, 5 wide, 5 wide, 5 mixed, 5 mixed. Push ups: 30 incline, 30 decline, 4 x 10 during the banded walks.

bench: 3 sets of 10 x 134 Swiss bar

deadlift: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 228 (note: lot of lumbar, but I felt GREAT afterward???)

curls: 3 sets of 10. rows 3 sets of 10 (light weight..focus on the back0

high incline 3 sets of 10 x 93

Workout and baseball again

Baseball: nice 6-3 win vs. Quad Cities last night; fun game, and there were a couple of towering homeruns, the longer one (OVER the left field picnic area) was by the Bandits.

Though the attendance might look sparse, it was not the horror story of last year. There is decent attendance in the less expensive areas.

Workout: most of my PT, swim, then a walk. And it tired me out!

The walk itself was fine …the first mile (14:25) came past very quickly…was dong really well up to 1.5 and then..descent into what ended up as moderate pain. Still, it went better than I thought it would.

The swim: 600 of 50 side, 50 either back or breast.

then 400 of 25 drill (kick), 25 swim, focusing on the high elbow. For some reason, the side kick is awful. Back position?

200 in 3:33 (chased Bob)

50 back

200 in 3:30 (darn it!)

50 back

100 pull, 50 free (tired), 50 back, 100 pull…wiped out.

Weight: 202.4 afterward. THEN some stretching and a walk.

I almost skipped the walk; it is sad that 1800 yards of swimming tires me out like this.

Glute/back: feeling it this afternoon. I think I tweaked a glute muscle slightly, but yeah, lot of it is the nerve root.

Workout and baseball catch up

Yesterday, I knew this would be a rough walk. So I did my PT and then stopped at one mile…BEFORE it got painful. I could feel the pre-pain tingles.

Then later (before the math talks), I got 1650 yards; 400 were 50 side, 50 back, 100 25 front, 25 free.

Then 5 x (100 free, 100 pull); total time was 19:20. Note: right arm swings out on recovery. Need to work on that.

Then 150 cool down. 204 lb before swimming.

Today: weights and PT

pull ups: 20 singles cycling between pulls, chins, mixed, mixed, wide

10, 10, then 4 sets of 5

push ups: 30 incline, 30 decline. then 4 sets of 10 with banded walks.

bench: Swiss bar, 6 x 145, 5 x 150, 5 x 155 (lost the legs last rep)

dead: 10 x 134, 10 x 184 low, 10 x 234 4 inch (thighs, glutes)

high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 93

curls; 3 sets of 10

rows: 3 sets of 10 each arm (very light).

Back issues one way to know it is better: the last couple of times I had to park a good deal away due to better crowds and people balking at the parking price. Ok, it is only 0.26 miles away…but the walk is now painless. It wasn’t always that way.

So, what happens next: a week from tomorrow.

Baseball: tale of 2 games: Tuesday: Chiefs won easily 11-3; yesterday they lost 9-0. Both days were gorgeous days. Yesterday: they were down 6-0 after 3; never were in it.
I can say that I notice the level of play is a step up from low A; guys get to the ball quickly and can throw reasonably accurately without setting up.

Day before

PT (most of it) followed by a 2 mile walk where I was uncomfortable at 1.5 miles.

I felt calf tingles slightly early; still at mile 1 I decided to keep going.

Then I swam;

400 of 50 side, 5o stroke (back, breast)

1000 in 19:50 (9:56/9:54) Note: Bob F pushed himself when I was in the water; slowed afterward.

100 back, 50 side

Then to a conference.