Christmas eve

Yesterday: slept in, did some rehab/yoga on my own, and had a somewhat slow (17:30) painful 2 mile campus walk with stretch stops ever .5 miles. That walk was, well, not very good.

The day was too nice to not get out.

I have backslid since that extra week two weeks ago; part of it is that I slacked just a bit on the PT and did too much walking on that week. And part of it: I added one legged stands and OUCH..those are tough. But some of the ache is on the side rather than in the meaty part of the glute. I am chasing the trigger point around.

Today: I got to skip B’s family gathering (in return for her mentally challenged nephew staying with us for a few days); I did spend a bit of time with Tracy and her cat.

I had a leisurely workout as well:

pull ups: 5, 5, 10, 10 chins, 5 wide, 5 wide, 10 chins, 7 pull ups, 5 (62 total)

push ups: 30 sissy, 30 feet elevated, 20 deficit, 20 regular.

rehab: included hip hikes, one legged stands, banded walks

curs: 3 sets of 10, rows: 3 sets of 10 each arm.

shoulder presses: 10 x 88, 5 x 103, 5 x 103, 5 x 108

32 minutes bike.

Glute: as I said: sort of sore.

Dec 21

Workout notes: yoga with Ms. V, 1 mile walking (went ok..not great) then decent 30:30 bike and rehab.

But oh my goodness…very the touch on the side. This is as sore as it has been in a long time; not sure; perhaps I overdid the standing on one leg? Just achy… does this mean I need to do this exercise MORE or is this bad for it? Hard to tell.

Later: to the Peoria Museum with Olivia and Barbara; dinner with Tracy later that evening.

End of the semester dump

Well, I think that I torched my glute last week with the hike, and 3 other 5K plus walks. That sounds pathetic, but that is were I am. So, today, 1 mile and then 31 minutes on the bike; bike will be my main “go to” for a while. Maybe a 1 mile walk every other day or something.

I’ll also work on standing on the affected leg.

Yoga class was fine, but balance on the left (affected) leg was terrible.

I have to remember the progress I’ve made with my shoulder.

Maybe time to bring swimming back?

Toward the end of finals

Yeah, COVID is spiking where I live and indoor masking is too low. Warm up the ventilators.

I do outdoor stuff but mask when around people or when indoor; so many are just not that careful. I don’t advocate being a hermit but a mask (plus being vaccinated and boosted) isn’t that much to ask.

Workout notes:

Monday: pull ups (got 3 sets of 10, several of 5 to get 60; these were a chore), push ups: 30 sissy, “walk 10”, 20 feel elevated and 10 for “show”

then indoor: shoulder press: 10 x 86, 91, 91 (getting back to it)

row: 3 sets of 10 x 60 single arm

curls: 3 sets of 10

Also: rehab, banded walks, etc.

Today; yoga, very rough 3 mile walk (3.3)

Frankly, the walk hurt at times: .7 miles, 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.75, 3.0

Relaxing Weekend

Of course, grades are coming up. That will be a challenge but I have several days to get it done.

This weekend: watched Army Navy, did some stuff:

Saturday: reduced deadlifts and 32 minutes bike:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

3 sets of 3 x 260 low (should have stopped at 2). Reps were painless but felt the back after the 3’rd set and quit. Funny: the back bothered me more after the hike and after mulching leaves, but still, I did not want to push it.

It felt fine the rest of the day and the next?

Sunday: walk and rehab: rehab, 1.3 walk, rehab, 1.1 walk, rehab, 1.1 walk all at 16:20-16:30 mpm; did banded walks (felt the back), Warrior 3 with shoes, chest taps, etc. Full rehab sets between walks which were mostly non-stop.

Shoulder pain: this has gone very well…might reintroduce some bench pressing in the near future.

And the stalker remains

I woke up late, answered a math question, did some admin and then worked out:

pull ups went fine: 5 sets of 10 and then 2 sets of 5 chins. These went GREAT.

push ups: ok, 30 sissy, then “walk 10” (about killed me: 5:10 to do) then 20 with feet elevated.

Some rehab and off to Forest Park Nature Center where I did the 3.3 mile outer loop (measured as 3.2 by my Garmin). Note I did this in 1:23 this summer BUT that was on dryer terrain and I really WAS taking it easy today.

Walking time, which included some stretch breaks (stopped the watch for the longer ones) took 1:28 minutes of walking time. That is pathetic; but I was slow, deliberate and there were some slick spots; muddy in places. The piriformis barked at me..and the back reminded me that I wasn’t 100 percent, but cardio wise, well, I didn’t go fast enough to stress that.
Yes, I didn’t stretch enough; that was important to note. was like visiting an old friend.

On the trail: a few people, which included one older person struggling on the Wakerobin (he had a walking stick) and a young woman wearing just a jog bra and tight workout leggings (it was 40 F, and yes, she was walking).

I was wearing sweats and a jacket. LOL. It drizzled some.

Yes, I walked yesterday so that was part of it.


Monday: back tweak sort of bothered me, a little, at times.

pull ups: sets of 5 and 10, got all of th