Heartbreaking: probably no Chiefs baseball this year

I got “the call” as to “what to do with the vouchers that I purchased.” Yes, I could insist on a refund. But I’ll do a mix of “donation/2021 tickets”
Yeah, I miss the baseball. But the bigger hole in my heart comes from the
1. Loss of community
2. Hardship for staff, employees, umpires, etc.
3. Delay to death of the dreams of the young players; an athlete’s clock is ticking.

I am NOT being critical of the Chiefs; I do not see how they could play. And I wouldn’t go anyway; I live with a high risk individual and, well, I am 60…a couple of months away from 61. I’d love to pretend that “age is just a number” but that is pure nonsense. The degradation of my abilities is stark.

Workout notes:

Well, I left just as B got home from her walk, and was relaxing on the porch when she got back from her second. It was stuffy when I started, but got cooler (rain); sort of an inverted day, if you will.

As for mine: I jogged 5 miles in 58:30 (not sure about the 12:24 mile; I didn’t slow that much) but the overall pace seems about right. Then I walked 3.1 more in just a bit less time (17:30 ish pace)

Note the drop off in heart rate when I started walking..not a lot of effort there.

This has been a short week of unexpected stuff..and more is to come in the next few weeks. And yeah, I’ve wasted time too.

Pain: some glute pain a mile into the walk but better posture seemed to help.

Doing it differently

My workout got off to a late start due to my having to take down some branches which had fallen onto wires, making them sag:

Yeah, up the ladder and I used a saw made for smaller branches (hand saw). It loosened the shoulders (and knees) all right…it didn’t take that long. And having proper tools helps. But the tree itself should probably come down and we’ll let professionals do that.

How humid is it?

Note how wet the plates are: condensation from the humidity; the plates are normally kept in the relatively cool basement.

The workout (which took about 90 minutes..strange since I didn’t actually do that much:

pull ups: 4 sets of 10, 2 sets of 5, super set with rotator cuff exercises

bench press: 10 x 132, then singles: 176, 181, 187, 192, 187, 181 (the weird weights comes from having kg plates)
then: 3 x 176, 4 x 176, 5 x 171

shoulder press: 10 x 35 rotated hands, 10 x 40 regular, 10 x 44 regular, 10 x 35 rotated hands
super set with:
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 60 (single arm)..or is it 10 x 58?
chin ups: 2 sets of 5

and in between: trap bar dead lift: 10 x 184, 10 x 184 deficit (standing on plates)
plank: 2:30

It doesn’t seem like it should have taken that long.

Are they feeling cornered?

I have a confession to make: in my day to day life, I deal with liberal leaning people. When I hear “racism” I usually think of discussions about how (or IF) to use things like ACT scores, what the “best strategies for “inclusion and diversity” should be” (not IF we have them..that we should have them is a given…just what TYPE) is it good to use the word “Latinx” (I do not describe myself with that word; “Mexican-American” works for me)…I think of the dumber battles over “cultural appropriation” (yoga, Indian food, etc.) and the like.

Things like supporting “Black Lives Matter” are kind of taken for granted in my circles (“how could you not?”) and my idea of an extremist is someone who pushes back vs. BLM.

Never did I think that this sort of thing would be an issue in 2020. Trump retweeted a video of his supporters yelling WHITE POWER at protesters. Really.

Closer to home, there was this.

Let me make myself clear: I am far from a perfect person. I still have work to do on refining my moral character. But this stuff isn’t nuanced: it is textbook Racism 101.

And I’ll close: yes, I am imperfect person who sometimes has vile thoughts about others; spiritually I am not where I’d like to be. But to me, part of being a good citizen is to keep such thoughts to myself, especially in public. I do not have a right to leak venom onto others, especially to those I do not know.

And here, well, I did. When I saw the Trump supporter video, I did NOT have the sound on…I just saw angry old people in golf carts and I mocked that…when in fact, there WAS something that was worthy of condemnation..but it was invisible to me as I focused on the superficial.

But back to racism: I had not idea that it was this bad or this widespread.

I wonder if the hard core racists are feeling cornered?

One of those inverted days

I wanted to practice some “running” and to get in some walking. Well, today it was “run 4, walk 5” and it was most unimpressive.
My right knee was somewhat sore from yesterday (deadlift?) and so the 4 mile “run” took 51 minutes and the 5 mile walk took 1:27

As you can tell, it was VERY humid (and warm) at the start); and 1 mile into the walk, I was all but ready to give into it. By mile 2 I got my groove. Note: I used Moss for most of my miles due to the shade. And it felt better at the finish than at the start.

Knee: it was ok. Some tingles in the glute, but that is about it.

Afterward: 192.5 (after finishing the bottle of water I stared on my walk), no shoes, no shirt.

Immediately I thought:

1. “too heavy for a walking marathon; I need to get to 185”
2. “too light to ever get 300 deadlifting at my age”

Yes, I’ve done my best running at 185, and my best “bodyweight ratio” lifting at 225. So I am at a perfect weight to suck at both.

This is the first time I’ve stepped on the scale since the pandemic began.

Yin/Yang: not getting weaker but…

Well, I looked it up. My max bench press in 2010 was 2010. I got 205 in 2017. I got 200 last year and 198 (at home) this year. At this bodyweight, my max was about 255-260, though 250 was more typical. I did get 300 at 226 lb of bodyweight in 1985 and 310 at 240 lb. I didn’t keep up with my deadlifts but I did get 415 as a 20 year old (ugly..probably red lights at a powerlifting meet) and about 330 in 1995.

This year, I get 267 in February ..ONE TIME, with the straight bar; best was 260 sumo style and, until today, 250 was my best with the trap bar (low handles).

But I have to remember: last fall, I it was a real struggle to work up to 225 and I got 240 at the start of the year..245 with the straight bar. So there is little doubt that I have improved, but, well, anything over 250 just feels so damned heavy, and it shouldn’t.

Today’s workout: deadlifts plus a walk, where I quit as soon as the thunder came along…course was to Dozer (31:30) then to the Riverfront (old Hooters) and back via Moss.

The walk actually felt good and easy, but deliberate. Yes, there was a 16:40 mile, uphill. 15:48 wasn’t a bad pace though..and I might have done 2 more miles but the thunder was coming and I do have to watch my right knee just a bit.

But to the deadlifts: trap bar, low handles:

back/glute warm up

10 x 134
10 x 184
1 x 228 (22’s)
Now it get interesting:
miss 255 (barely off the ground)
miss 255 (to the knees?)
255..got it; slight knee inward (just enough to have a bit of residual effect)
5 x 217 (couldn’t make myself get 10)
10 x 217 (got it..all good reps)>

Weird facts:

(via here)

This says I *should* be able to do 289. But…

What the heck? I am much better at reps than I’ve ever been at an all out max..I’ve always been that way.

Just for the hell of it…bench press:

shoulder press

pull ups (best this year, on my new bar)

All this is nice. But, but…though I find the above entertaining (and it tells me that pull ups > bench press > repetition dead lift > shoulder press > max deadlift FOR ME…

IT DOES NOT MATTER. i’VE become an Alan Thrall fan…no, he isn’t an elite lifter, and there are higher profile trainers. But he is so down to earth..and humble. And his instructions are easy to follow. Yeah, I know..superficially, he looks like someone that I’d cross the street to avoid.

And to my constant whining…

On the right path or not?

Workout was “weights only”: all but bench presses were done outside.

pull ups: I tried to be mindful of getting ENTIRELY over the bar and so lowered the reps per set a bit
5, 5, 5, 5, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5, 5. The first 4 sets of 5 were medium wide, narrow, wide, chin. Next two sets: medium wide, narrow. Then 5 wide, 5 medium wide (went very well), then last two were chins. In between: rotator cuff. This was a good set.

bench press: 10 x 132, 5 x 176, 5 x 176 (difficult) then 2 x 181, 2 x 181 short rest between the final 2 doubles. These were challenging.
rest was taking out weights.

Outside again: 3 sets of 10 x 44 standing shoulder press (dumbbells)
superset with 3 sets of 10 x 60 single arm rows (the 44’s were too easy)
then: I did 3 sets of shoulder press with a neutral grip (palms facing in),
2 x 40 (too heavy), 2 sets of 10 x 30 (each dumbbell had 2 10’s, 2 4.4 ) probably too light but this is a new exercise to me
3 sets of 10 push ups (on handles, getting the body below the hands; good stretch)
2:30 plank. I suffered.

That’s it. It took 80 minutes and doesn’t look like much. Well, it isn’t much; it is an average old man’s workout.

Deadlifts and a walk tomorrow.

Now to play with my software and to get it up and running.

And the painful decision is made: no football for me…

Dear Season Ticket Holder:

We hope you’re enjoying a safe and healthy summer. In preparation for the 2020 football season, we wanted to reach out to begin the process of engaging season ticket holders on their intentions for the upcoming season and let you know about some changes that may be coming to Memorial Stadium this fall.

Over the past few months, members of the Athletics Department have been working diligently with public health officials to reimagine a gameday experience that prioritizes our fans and student-athletes’ health and safety. In order to provide a safe environment, social distancing measures likely will be implemented within Memorial Stadium. It is important to note, this would require a reduced capacity and most likely result in season ticket holders being temporarily relocated to new locations for the 2020 football season.

We hope you are still planning on joining us for 2020, and your support is greatly appreciated. However, we realize that some individuals may not be comfortable attending games for health/safety reasons. Please know that every effort will be made to provide the safest environment possible within Memorial Stadium.

What are my options for the 2020 season?

I’m in! I still want season tickets. Apply my previous payment as a credit for season tickets in a socially distanced Memorial Stadium in 2020 (OPT IN)

I’m out! Due to health/safety concerns, I don’t feel comfortable attending in 2020 (OPT OUT). If you choose not to return to Memorial Stadium in 2020, please select one of the following:
Apply my previous payment towards my 2021 Illinois Football Season Ticket order.
Apply my previous payments to a donation to the I FUND to support student-athlete scholarships
I would like to receive a full refund.

I chose the first option: 2021 tickets. This assumes we have any football at all.

NOW, if say, we get a vaccine this late fall and there is a winter/spring season…well…..MAYBE……oh heck, of course I’d go.

Teaching myself to put some effort into it

If there was good news, it was that my hip and knee did not hurt.

Yeah, I was stiff when I started and it was tough to shake. Yeah, my Garmin got it right.

And there it is; 21:18 for 2 miles was …well..almost work. I am not used to putting any effort into it and it showed. I walked 5K at a 17:30 ish pace to cool down (similar course)

BUT: nothing hurt. So there is that.

For the weeK;
2 walk
7 (5 run, 2 walk)
2 walk
6 (3 walk, 3 run)
Weights on tap for tomorrow (upper body)

Screwing up software

My antiquated laptop would not load software …again. And when I tried to load different software onto my home laptop..I screwed up one letter (“6” instead of “G”) and that gave me heartburn.
Got it figured out though…

I was busy doing necessary stuff but not especially productive.

Weight workout: ugh. I was sore (sort of) last night but I was safe if not..strong

Pull ups: (rest by either rotator cuff or moving weights)
5, 5, 5, 5, 10, 10, 10, 5, 5 (medium wide, narrow, wide, chin, then medium, narrow, medium, last two were chins..60 reps total)
push ups: 4 sets of 15, last 3 were deficit (legs up..straight body)
rows (single arm) 3 sets of 15 each arm with 44

Now for the FAIL: shoulder press
3 x 90, 3 x 95, 5 x 86, 10 x 65, 5 x 44 dumbbell. That was sorry, but the push-ups whipped me.
trap bar dead: 10 x 184, 10 x 184 with deficit

later: I strolled an easy 2 miles with backpack.

Still not in the groove but…

I got up early, left when it was still cool and finished my 5.15 mile course (or the 5.27 course) in 1:03:40 or thereabouts; then I walked 2 more miles. My Garmin had each mile between 12:13 and 12:28 so there wasn’t much variation; and this was 2 days after platelet donation. The total was just over 7 miles in 1:37.

Again, the deal was that nothing really hurt and that is a good thing.

This measures out as 5.15 on my Garmen. This is about 15 seconds per mile. But the 7.05 mile course measures out to 6.98, go figure.