Maybe progress?

Lots of PT, a LOT of it.
Then I walked. I tried to go out slower and while the walk was ok, I felt the onset of symptoms at .8-1.0 or so and finished in slight pain. Ok..same old, same old.

But my post walk stretch had me feeling very good and so I decided to try a second walk and I felt great..just great…for .7 miles or so…then I could feel the tingles start, but no real pain (and that was mild) until the very end.

So…all in all, it was a success and my back flexibility is greater than before. I’ve added the side to the wall stretch (7 minutes here) and I’ve made sure to push my knee DOWN during the cross leg piriformis stretch. Note in the photo how her leg is parallel to the floor and how my knee pops up (that is the tightness)

I cannot get my top leg parallel; the tightness in the piriformis causes my knee to pop upward. Learning to press that down helps a great deal.