Life is harder if you are a moron

Got up; did warm up (including 2 miles on the bike), stretched and headed out for a walk.

It went ok; almost no pain until 0.9 miles or so.

Then the full PT and more stretching; I was feeling great. I even did headstand and plank for 3 minutes…really felt good.

Walked to the office, but the usual 4 flights of stairs (felt it at the top), went back down, did my class, back up again. Then..I didn’t stretch much but I thought: “I am feeling good..why not take the long way home for lunch to get another mile?”

Now this walk really sucked; had to stop several times; got the old “knife in the butt” feeling. Ok, the first 0.5 was fine but then..OMG..awful.

Get home, stretch, eat..remembered that I had to pick up an exam at a building .2 miles away from my office…so off again..MORE walking. About .5 to the building, another .2 to the office, up 4 flights of stairs…(yep, one stretch) and found….. I. Had. Left. My. Keys. At. Home.

So..after sitting and sulking…walked back with a 3’rd unintended mile, because I was an idiot. Strangely enough, the walk back wasn’t so bad and I am feeling pretty good right now, so… perhaps I didn’t do much damage.