Not undoing progress

Well, today was sort of a rough one. PT was challenging but, I think, fruitful. I got a good stretch and some good exercises to do.

Walking: well, glute activation, start and the first walk (got cheated a bit on distance) I started to feel it 0.8-0.9 into it…made the first loop, stretched like crazy, went out a second time, felt good but this time, as symptoms started up again, I decided to stop, stretch and then finish. Note: I did the 1.11, (1.15 really), 0.74 and 0.34 in that order

A month ago, this workout would have delighted me, but today, I felt disappointed.

BUT…I think there are still things I can do. I can really adjust how I do the bench press; the arch and stress is probably bad for me. I moved a small step stool down and IF it goes well…maybe get something sturdier. The idea is do a legs up bench with a flat back, and swallowing the ego on the weight.