Getting better (TMI)

Though others can read this blog, I sometimes put some YUCK stuff on it.

Today: much better; far less cramping and NO PINK BISMUTH. But my lower digestive system is taking a beating from so much use…a bit of soreness and bleeding (and slime)

BRAC diet continues…with more drinking..and I managed 5 miles of easy walking in the warmth. I do need to move SOME.

Just shoot me

My GI stuff…well, today was a bit like colonoscopy prep day. Bought a lot of pink bismuth and SOFT TP. Oh boy..almost immediate discomfort and bloating after eating a meal; it has gotten worse from last night (did not sleep well…and cancelled my planned 5K race).

I should be ok, eventually. “Down there” is raw…

So it was mostly sleeping.

Yesterday: I was able to work out, eat meals, socialize (though I would not have had I realized my GI stuff was not just my eating too much yogurt.

I watched a couple of ball games: Tuesday and Wednesday and the Chiefs lost both to Kane County, the best team in the division.

Tuesday: I went to this one solo.

The Cougars took an early 3-0 lead in the first inning and scored at least one run in every inning, EXCEPT for the 7th. The Chiefs did get a solo home run in the bottom of the 9’th but it was already 11-2.

This one was taken by the Chiefs…lovely sky.

Hopeful early on.

But the scoreboard really tells the story. Note the hits: this was batting practice for them. 6 hits in the fist inning: 3 singles, 2 doubles, HR.

But this Chief batter hit a home run just after I took this.

Wednesday’s game In this one, an early rally put the Chiefs up 4-2. But Kane got 1 run in the 8’th and 2 in the 9’th to take the lead. The better team won, but on this night, the Chiefs fought.

Socially: I had a great time with Lynn: we ate at Jerusalem Restaurant beforehand and socialized with Vickie and her nephew Vic. The crowd was better for this one.