A photo tour of my 10.6 mile Peoria course

Today I strolled a very easy 10.6 miles (17 km) (total time of day, including photos took 3:10 to do, strolling very easily)

This is a map of the route I took with numbers corresponding to photos (photo 48 was taken a long time ago; other photos were taken today)

1. The start of the course (my house)

2. Moss Avenue (canopy of trees and older, larger homes)

3. MacArthur bridge with a nice pedestrian bridge; just put in this year.

4. Path near Carver Center and past a water park that I used to take my daughter to.

5. Not part of the course, but there were a lot of utility trucks.

6. Dozer Park; I spend way too much time here.

7. Caterpillar building.

8. Start of the downtown area with shops, bars and restaurants.

9. One of a series of abstract sculptures (silver)

10. Bars and restaurants near the water.

11. Start of the bike path along the River; part of a much longer system stretching from Toulon, IL to Morton, IL

12. Peoria Museum

13. One of the restaurants.

14. Gateway Building

15. I 74 bridge over the Illinois River.

16. Geese everywhere. Riverplex is in the background.

17. Sculpture by the Riverplex

18. Birdhouses behind the Riverplex

19. Path..sand volleyball court to the left.

20. Old railroad rotating “bridge.”

21. Entrance to the marina (since closed)

22. Old Marina docks.

23. The gooseloop; a .37 mile loop path.

24. Baseball field.

25. Abington road..kind of rough.

26. Entrance to lower Glen Oak park.

27. The Ingersoll statue

28. Hill; start of the Steamboat 15K hill loop section.

29. Crest of the hill; upper Glen Oak Park.

30. The park lagoon.

31. Park Building.

32. Entrance to the Peoria Zoo.

33. Open space in the park.

34. Prospect Avenue.

35. Upper entrance to Springdale Cemetery (where cars can enter).

36. Forrest Hill and Central avenue: where the Boredom course meets this course.

37. Long shot (about 1 mile) on Forrest Hill.

38. St. Paul Church.Forrest Hill section is almost done.

39. Bigelow Ave., nice section.

40. Hansler and Bootz; I sometimes turn on Hansler.

41. Broadway; an old section.

42. Nebraska and Broadway and Gale; a tricky intersection. Better look 4 ways before you cross.

43. Over I-74.

44. Columbia Terrace: 1 mile to go.

45. Crossing University and into the Uplands neighborhood on Columbia Terrace.

46. Columbus statue in Bradley Park, along Parkside.

47. The Arbor District: my neighborhood ..and street too.

48. Laura and Cooper. I took this photo this fall; this shows an entrance to the Bradley University campus. My office building is the “castle top” building.


49. Home! Another 10.6 miles (17 km) deposited into the bank.