Bad relief pitching dooms Chiefs; lose to Bees 15-5

The Chiefs started out well, leading 5-0 after 3 and even had a 3 run home run.

They gave up 1 run in the 4’th, and the starting pitcher left after 5, up 5-1. He allowed 3 hits and struck out 6. Then came the first relief pitcher…who came in with an ERA of 15.4. His ERA was to get…WORSE.
He got one out but walked 4 and hit one batter..walked in 2 runs and left the bases loaded. He was pulled and the next relief pitcher gave up a grand slam…the Bees were to load the bases 3 more times and get one more grand slam.

Overall, the Chiefs’ bull pen walked 10, hit one batter and gave up 14 runs over 4 innings…and they concludes with an infielder finishing the game (giving up 2 runs but hey…)

Game took 3:38..and it was a train wreck…hard to quit watching. Final: Bees 15, Chiefs 5. Another blowout loss in a season full of them. And..this wasn’t the worst loss I’ve seen at home.

Here, the dejected reliever leaves..and it was to get worse.

The scoreboard tells the story.

Author: oldgote

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