Why I keep reminding myself…

Well, I had a friend complete the grueling 314 mile Vol State Ultramarathon (they had 10 days to do it). And when such a thing happens, I go back to think: “ok, maybe I can…”

Well, today I walked my 7 mile route from Tower Park to Forest Park Nature Center (the spur to the Nature Center, outer loop: Valley, Lower Deer Run, Deer Run, Wakerobin, Bee Tree, Possum Path, Valley, Wilderness) and back. It took 2:21 to do with the lower loop taking 1:10 (spur segments: 27:20, 26:48) and this was, oh, about 20 minutes longer than it once took. Why I keep bringing that up? Well, when I did my only sub 24 hundred (walking), my training paces were a LOT faster (13:30 or so..which are now 15:30.) and my 5K races were mid 23..not mid 27.

Those days are not coming back. But …well, I remember doing that..so it is hard for me to say “forget the past..focus on doing the best you can NOW.
And this year..and probably for years to come, 6:00-6:15 for the marathon (walking) might be just fine.

Crying “wolf”….

The person in question is a member of the Georgia State legislature.

Upshot: she was in a grocery store and evidently used the express line (10 items or less) when she had more than 10 items. Another customer confronted her..called her a lazy b**ch.

Ok, and this is what this lead to:

He responds on TV

They argue, this time in front of cameras

She scolds the..uh…”threatening guy”

And then admits that maybe he did NOT exactly say “go back..”

I can’t roll my eyes enough for this one. What should have been just a run-of-the-mill “rudeness” (no innocent parties here) incident that gets laughed off becomes “viral” because she had to cry on video…and this is a politician???

Oh good grief.