Sort of warm walk

It was even hotter than on June 29. Whew. Of course, part of this was that I started later. And I went in reverse order; to the River first then back via boredom.

Total time was 4:29:07 and I did 1:18 for the final 5 (15:36 pace). Total pace was 16:45 ish…it was HOT. And I didn’t push it.

I got a late start due to being dragged to a play, but then again I chose to run yesterday.

Yesterday’s 5K: sweltering conditions and 8:53 was too fast for mile 1 in such conditions, so I ended up walking and jogging 15 minutes into it and struggled in at 29:57, sprinting (as much as I can) to get under 30. Oh well.

This was the Run for the Health of it that I’ve done many times before.

Weekend: 5 yesterday (warm up, cool down) and 16 today.