No bottom in sight…

Hey, take any issue with any politician you want. But AMERICANS can disagree with each other.
And yes, I GET contempt. I often feel contempt. I won’t write about the contempt that I sometimes, ok, way too often, feel. I won’t write about the objects of my contempt and I sure as hell won’t vote for a politician that openly expresses the contempt that I sometimes feel.

Some things are better kept to ourselves, and perhaps discussed with emotionally mature friends, therapists, religious clergy and the like.

Workout notes: no yoga; “red triangle of death” as I started to drive to yoga and so I just ran a modified 5 mile course (construction going on in Bradley Park, but Cornstalk hill and Dog Park hill are still open; and one can run on the sidewalk from upper to lower Bradley Park which makes the climb shorter but much steeper.