Trump’s “go back” remarks

This was emotional for me. I posted part of my response on Facebook, reproduced below.

But I have a bit more to say (mostly emotional)

My dad was in the Air Force and he did several tours in Japan (and yes, he fought in Vietnam, twice)

We lived on Air Force bases/housing complexes. We had sports teams, and from time to time, we’d play Japanese teams.

If you looked at the Japanese teams, there was a uniformity to them. The Americans: well…black, white, brown, yellow, and mixtures thereof..different types of facial features, different types of hair, and different skin tones. THAT is us! And yes, we did look forward to “returning home”..that is, to the US. Most of us did get homesick..albeit for different regions of the country.

I’ll leave the rest to a President that I did not care for: Ronald Reagan:

“America represents something universal in the human spirit. I received a letter not long ago from a man who said, ‘You can go to Japan to live, but you cannot become Japanese. You can go to France to live and not become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Germany or Turkey, and you won’t become a German or a Turk.’ But then he added, ‘Anybody from any corner of the world can come to America to live and become an American.’?”

A person becomes an American by adopting America’s principles, especially those principles summarized in the “self-evident truths” of the Declaration of Independence, such as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of ?happiness.” Carl Friedrich wrote that “To be an American is an ideal, while to be a Frenchman is a fact.”

(yes, he was attacking liberals, but this paragraph is right on point..though I’d add that becoming an American does NOT mean accepting right wing ideology.)

I posted the following on Facebook:

I am not here to defend “the four” (though I actually like Omar and have given her a small amount of money). That isn’t the point.

Yes, POTUS and anyone else has the right to criticize their beliefs, their proposed policies and their visions. Disagreeing with them is fine.

But Trump implied that they had some “country” to “go back to.” No. They are Americans. Yes, 3 were born in the US and one was naturalized. But Americans they remain and Americans have the right to argue that WE…their country, my country and your country, ought to be doing something differently. And you have every right to counter them.


1. IMHO, liberals have “cried wolf” when it comes to claiming that something is “racist” (or misogynistic, or sexist, or anti-Semetic or Islamaphoic, etc.), too many times.

So cries of “racism” from liberals about these remarks are probably going to fall of deaf ears..kind of like the hum of the air conditioner.

This is why I really love it when conservatives speak up.
No one is going to listen to me, even though I make an effort to pick my battles.

2. And for my fellow dark skin brothers and sisters who have problems with liberals…my goodness I hear you.

All too often liberals discount our abilities…in indirect ways. Example: I am going to a math conference and one of the speakers claims that, well, math is too “white male” and needs to be changed so that others can have success. I wonder if she, say, flies on airplanes that have been designed by “woke” engineering and physics, or takes medicines that have been designed by “woke” science.

I still remember a minority program where they talk about “first generation” minority students feeling as if they don’t belong academically in college and wondered about our experiences.

I quipped: “it was hard for me to inferior since *I* was the one helping others with *their* calculus homework. That was NOT the answer they were looking for.

When they try to press us…they have a hard time accepting :I put my head down, studied and did the work” as an answer.

Seriously, at times, conservatives are much better at encouragement: “hey, do you want it? Then WORK…you are better than you think!”

Nevertheless, no matter how well you do professionally, there are large segments of the country…mostly Trump voters, who will NEVER accept you. To them, you will always be, at most, a welcome guest…”one of the good ones.” They aren’t worth your time.

Counting my blessings…

My last “half way sort-of” decent year of running and walking was 2009; I was to get knee surgery in 2010 (“bucket handle tear” in my meniscus…pain was waking me up at night when I slept) and, aside from a few sub 25 minute 5K runs in 2013 and 2014, my running has been a major league train wreck and my walking..not that much better. And I’ve REALLY gone downhill since 2016 (wonder if I can blame Trump?)

Today: yoga, then 5 mile run on the treadmill: 5.2-5.7 5 minute “froggy” (increase speed by .1 mph every 5 minutes), then 12:30 at 6.7 (just under 9 minute miles), and varied speed to get to 5 miles in 51:42 ( 19:10 for the final 2 miles; 29:50 for the final 3), then I walked outside for about 3 (untimed..tried to keep it steady)

Then again, with these knees of mine (photo taken yesterday)…well, I am lucky that I can even walk. I had surgery in 1978, 1979, 1984, 1984 and 2010. The doctor told me that I was “likely to die of old age” before I’d need a knee replacement and, yes, the pain is mostly gone though sitting this way is very uncomfortable for me..ok, impossible.

I can do it with either 3/4 of a 8 lb medicine ball under me, or a yoga block on its narrow side (two blocks stacked flat is very easy).

On the plus side, leg development is there; the goblet squats and hill running is working.

Seeking liberal outrage: Republican tactic

In a relatively minor incident: a fringe candidate for the GOP nomination in the gubernatorial race in Mississippi told a female reporter that she did not get to “shadow” him unless she brought a male companion along.

Of course, this gave him publicity, including publicity from somewhat well known people.

Presto: people now know him. It is probably better to let nobodies be nobodies.

And no, nothing can help Sen. Gillibrand’s campaign.

But on a much more serious note:

That is just plain racist and xenophobic. Who gets told “go back to where you came from?” Not white members of Congress.

Note: Rep. Omar is naturalized; the other 3 were born in the US.

And yes, Trump spoke what many (not all) Republicans believe, though it wasn’t always that way.

This what we are up against. And yes, “they” vote.

I think this former Republican has it right:

Yep. No, no one cares if liberals are outraged…we are ALWAYS outraged. And no, swinging left and counting on that getting voters to show up won’t help; it is better to flip a few of those who do vote who are sick of the indecency. ….and do it in the key states.

Rough series for Chiefs: Loons win 9-8, 3-1

Workout notes: yeah, I lifted first: rotator cuff, pull ups (15-15-10-10), bench: 10 x 135, 1 x 185, 1 x 190, 10 x 160, military: 7 x 50 standing, 10 x 45, 15 x 40, 3 sets of 10 x 110 rows, goblet squats: 6 x 30, 6 x 50, leg press: 10 x 210, plank, side plank.

Then 3 miles of walking: 1.5 each way to Dozer.

Last night: a long game, that was 6-3 Loons after 2; the Loons got 4 home runs in the first 4 innings. Still, it was only 8-6 in the 8’th as the Chiefs fought back (catcher got 5 hits by himself) but then the Loons added one in the 9’th. Chiefs rallied at had runners on base when it ended; 9-8 final in a slug-fest. Trouble: there was a 3 inning stretch where the Chiefs stranded 2, 3 and 2 runners.

Today: “splash day” game and a 3-1 loss. It was 1-1 when the Loons got 2 in the 8’th and that was the difference. The pitching was excellent for the first 7 innings though.

Note: a storm was headed in and struck just after the game.

This rally couldn’t quite give the Chiefs the lead.

If you blow up this photo, you can see dozens of birds, circling overhead (they are black dots)

Today: rally that fell short.