Politics: getting weird.

Ok, some things are “stable”, for now: Trump’s approval remains at 42.5 per Fivethirtyeight and 44.7 per Real Clear Politics. (they weight the polls differently; fivethirthyeight doesn’t over react to outlier polls and Real Clear detects shifts a bit sooner.

The Democratic race: Joe Biden leads in most polls.

But there is a bit of, well, “cat-fighting” in the US House:

Oh yes, there are 4 very high profile House freshmen who are making a lot of noise and being called out by Speaker Pelosi. But…OF COURSE…it is the “women of color” (eyeroll)

Seriously…they’ve let a lot of publicity and a large social media following go to their heads and they want the keys, NOW. Yes, I am for passing the torch, so to speak, but not to them. They only thing they’ve done, besides making noise, is to hold districts that we would have won anyway. And no, Twitter is NOT the Democratic base.

But then Trump…well, this is just plain bizarre.

I admit, I have not seen anything like it.

Chiefs relief woes continue

Today: yoga, 6 mile run (with 4 loops near the park district building to make it 6) on a sunny, mild day. About 1:13 of easy running; quit with much left. Weight: 188.

Last night: well, the Chiefs had one bad 3 run inning (young reliever who was pitching college ball earlier this year) but had clawed back to 4-2 with the top of the 9’th to go. So, the put in a new relief pitcher (also young; was playing with the Dominican Republic team earlier this year, which is similar to NCAA ball) :

That is right: 1 hit, 5 walks, one hit by pitch, which lead to a loooooong inning (game had been zipping right along prior to that)…and that is how it ended.

It has been that kind of season.

(the sky shot is from the Chiefs’ Twitter account)