Notes about the election

Nate Silver gives his “state of the Democratic primary”..and yes, this is a very early stage. Right now: though Biden has a clear lead, no one candidate lead the aggregate of the “rest of the field.”

Of interest: though Warren and Sanders have very similar platforms and positions, their backers are very different types of people, and, say, were Sanders to drop out, it is not at all clear where his supporters would go. And yes, there are STILL some “Bernie or Bust” Bernouts.

My preferences:

1. Klobuchar (very long shot..needs to win Iowa or, say, top 2 to keep going)
2. Booker (also a long shot..just got a “thank you” card from him today.
3. Biden (not quite what he once was but…) (*)
4. Harris (she might move to 3 if she cuts out the “busing” nonsense; I like many of her other answers) (*)
5. Warren (super smart..still have issues with her not getting voters to like her; 4’th least popular Senator per constituent approval; Bernie is most popular, Klobuchar 3’rd most popular)
6. Buttigieg (would be higher were he a Governor, Senator or US Representative)

Note: a Biden/Harris ticket would be a dream come true…though if Biden doesn’t win, I don’t want him as VP. Harris at the top: Klobuchar as VP? Bennet?