Me too and work romance

This article about “Me Too” and office romances is interesting.

Disclaimer: I met my wife of 23 years …at work. Sort of..we kept seeing each other at work and non work related events …but…we WERE work colleagues albeit in different departments.

Anyway..I do know that even in non-romantic relationships, a bit of casual flirting can be fun, and yes, there is some of that between my yoga teacher and me (it is not hidden). She has even teased about her “sexually harassing me”…

Now, of course, she isn’t my boss; either one of us can say “no”. But the point of the article: the relationship took that turn *somewhere* and in the “me too” era that can be risky.

So..the work environment is perhaps more sterile? BUT..well, do women now have a more comfortable work environment? I do not know.

As far as college teaching, well, I won’t say much except to mention that I’ve had to rethink my relationship with MALE students. Why? From time to time, say if a student comes to office hours..I might notice the build on a male and ask him how his weight lifting is going. Every time..they have been eager to talk about it. But that meant that I noticed their body.

There is no way in Hades that I’d make any remark that indicated to a female that I noticed her body; I might ask a female athlete about her sport but only if I’ve seen her compete or train.

And..that is a “sort of” double standard, isn’t it? Hmmm…