No time machine

The day came up sunny..but there still quite a bit of snow on the ground. I thought about “I’m gonna do this..I’m gonna do that…” but it was an effort just to get to the gym.

I decided to do the Riverplex track and go until I got tired or bored. 11:27, 11:19, 11:42. 11:09, 11:19, 17:12 walk (56:58, 1:14:11). The “running” miles were outer lane (7.3 laps to the mile) walking laps were in lane 1 (7.9 laps to the mile). So I averaged 10:24 for the running miles (5.48 miles) and with the walk: 1:14:11 for 6.5 miles.

Along the way, some “in shape” guy (in his 30’s?) blew past me repeatedly; he was wearing a crew shirt and later told me he was averaging 7:15 mpm. He lapped me so many times, so easily. And yes, that was once my pace.

But…but…just be grateful I am not carrying an oxygen tank or, as my wife puts it, trying to put tennis ball halves on the bottom my my walker.
Still..I was a bit astonished at how much this took out of me.

Weight: 193 in shoes and shorts beforehand..or 191 without.