Deadlift diary: main workout of the week

I am doing this to keep track of my progress since I started “Saturday deadlifts” (with form lifts on other days)
I’ll update this every time.

Legend: C for conventional, S for Sumo, R for Romanian, SL for stiff legged, H for hex bar. Weights are in pounds (I WISH these were KG)
At the start: my bests were:
240 C
245 H

18 Jan. 2020

5 x 145 C
5 x 189 C
4 x 233 C
(miss 255 several times; “to the knees”)
5 x 211 S
6 x 167 R
6 x 176 H

25 Jan. 2020

6 x 132 H
6 x 145 S
6 x 145 C
1 x 233 C
1 x 233 C
1 x 255 C
1 x 260 C
6 x 233 S (some bounce)
6 x 167 R
6 x 220 H

1 Feb. 2020

6 x 145 C
2 x 189 S
1 x 233 S
1 x 255 S
1 x 233 C
3 misses at 266; Sumo couldn’t budge; some “off the ground”
1 x 260 S
6 x 233 C (some bounce)
6 x 203 H
6 x 167 R

8 Feb 2020

4 x 133 H
3 x 189 C
2 x 189 S
1 x 233 C
1 x 233 S
2 misses 266 (C, S)
1 x 266 C
5 x 238 S
6 x 189 C
5 x 220 H
6 x 145 R

15 Feb 2020

6 x 145 C
2 x 189 C
2 x 189 S
1 x 233 C (hard)
1 x 244 S
4 misses at 270 (barely off of the ground, missed 266 S, no budge)
3 x 244 C (HARD)
6 x 189 C
6 x 132

22 Feb 2020
6 x 145 S
5 x 189 C (easy)
1 x 233 C (very easy)
1 x 255 C (very tough)
4 misses at 270; two were almost to the knee “I’ve got this” spot; sumo miss: didn’t budge
1 x 238 S (I was wiped out here)
6 x 233 C (full stop with each rep; one of my best bounce, at all)
6 x 220 H (only one rep was touch-and-go..all others: full stop)

Current Bests (NOT lifetime: my best was 425 back in 1980 at about 200 lb of bodyweight, and I was in the low 300’s in 1995 at 230 lb. of bodyweight; younger and heavier. 192 lb.)
266 C
260 S
245 H (handles DOWN)

Deadlift: easy progress is over

Once again, I couldn’t sleep that well. But I had time to deadlift and then do a 4 mile walk (Cornstalk 5.1 course, but skipped the part to the lower bridge and the last mile around Parkside to make it 4 instead of 5.

I felt ok during the morning (not as fatigued as last week) and my workout looked like this:

6 x 145 Sumo
5 x 189 conventional
1 x 233 conventional (easy)
1 x 255 conventional (hard)
Then 4 misses at 270; my last 2 misses were “oh so close”; almost got to my knee (my “I’ve got this” point); the sumo miss didn’t budge from the ground.
I have that “lack of acceptance with this one)
1 x 238 Sumo (very tired)
6 x 233 conventional (each rep: full stop on the bottom; no bounce whatsoever)
6 x 220 hex (handles down; one “touch and go”; rest were dead stop.

And so: my current max is 266…though dammit …that 270 is oh-so-close.

My “easy gain” days are over and progress will be hard from here on out.

Note: if one goes by the “strength calculator” my best exercise is the pull up…by far. My worst is any sort of non-goblet squat, by far. Shoulder press, bench press, and now the dead lift: in a similar grouping.

Now it gets hard. I think I know what my current max is (266) and now it is time to train for reps and test a max again sometime in the future.

One (of many) things liberals don’t get…

I didn’t see the last Democratic debate, but I did see some clips and I listened to what some said about some of the exchanges:

And liberals were all “OMG, Warren just GUTTED Bloomberg…she is sooooo gonna take it to Trump!”

Well, it has been tried in 2015:

And that is what many “bubble” liberals simply do not get.

We live in bubbles. If a woman complains to HR, they are taken seriously. And in a college environment: OMG…they are listened to and administrators at least have to pretend to take their concerns seriously. And such attitudes get carried into Democratic debates.

Republicans don’t play that. Our “firework” debates are pillow-fights by Republican standards.

Trump would just make stuff up, call Warren “Pocahontas” and other names…basically just blow her off and ignore whatever she says. College educated feminists would cheer and exclaim how Trump has been exposed as a “misogynist, sexist pig” etc. Then their heads would explode when they find that Trump’s support hasn’t changed at all.

It is a bit like this old Brexit meme (Godfrey Elfwick)

We never learn.