Braves squeak past Missouri State in overtime

This morning…I found out I could wake up early so I did. Yoga, then I walked 5 miles in 1:18:48 (roughly the course I “ran” in 1:07 two days ago..though I went from the door of the Riverplex to my car, which maybe cut off 1 minute.

It was 17 felt cold but it was sunny.

Last night, I figured Bradley would handle business at home, especially with Missouri State’s best player at home.
But the Bears took it inside hard and often and forced the Braves into 18 turnovers (Bears had 10) and so a 10 point lead early in the second half was slowly eroded.

Toward the end of the game, I really believed the hard charging Bears would win; BU had a lot of foul trouble. But the BU forward hit a pair of free throws with 1:02 left to play to tie it at 72, and then the teams took turns turning the ball over..with Mo. State getting it with 3 seconds to go. They couldn’t get it done and we went into overtime.

There the Braves toughed it out; taking the lead with a few seconds to go. A stop with followed by a dunk with 5 seconds to go made it 83-79.
Most of the crowd (5700) was on its feet for the final 3 minutes of regulation and for the entire overtime.