Quick workout note: due to some snow, I replaced my “long dam” section with the pass the “ball field and around the wall” section and came up about .22 miles short:

Time was 1:15:34 (about 15:49 mpm pace); but there were a few snow/tiny ice patches.

This was after a nice yoga class. Weight: just under 194 with shoes and shorts..just under 192 without.

I got a bit grumpy. When I drove home, I found my driveway blocked.

And I am going through a hassle of getting my car repaired because it was hit WHILE LEGALLY PARKED by a van from a company that is dragging its feet on the damages…I may turn it over to my insurance company to go after them.

It is interesting how other people’s mistakes or stupidity (or lack of consideration) can make your life harder.

But…have *I* ever made anyone else’s life harder because of my incompetence or deliberate indifference? I don’t know…I had better watch for that.

On an up note: the Bradley men won at Illinois State in overtime. They rallied from 13 points down in the first half and 10 in the second. Illinois State made 19 turnovers to Bradley’s 9 and that was the difference. BU was up 67-64 in regulation when ISU was fouled on a 3 point attempt and made all 3.
But in overtime, BU was up 74-71 toward the end and ISU’s last second 3 point attempt (from a reasonable distance) barely missed.