Lingering soreness

I woke up with “sore”, well, “low grade sore” legs and wondered if I could shuffle at all. I could..a couple of hours AFTER I had woken up. Doing it right away is just very hard right now.

It was just over 5 miles in just over 1:02 and I felt..ok. It wasn’t the death march last week’s slightly longer “run” was. Why dead lifts would leave me with sore legs is a bit of a mystery..unless it ws because I did some Sumo style.

What this means is that my Tuesday “post yoga” run will have to suffice as my “Steamboat 15K training run”, at least so long as I do Saturday dead lifting for poundage. Or..perhaps do the run every other Saturday (followed by light dead lifts) and do “heavy” (less light?) dead lift every other Saturday..stick with medium ones in between.

Social comments: We don’t learn. Impeachment did NOT hurt Trump’s ratings..

Education: This is a longer article which is a review of two books that interest me. But buried in it is this: Finger. Wagging. Does. Not. Change. Minds.

One fascinating study Klein quotes found that “priming white college students to think about the concept of white privilege led them to express more racial resentment in subsequent surveys.” Anti-racist indoctrination actually feeds racism. So tribalism deepens.

Personally, I wish we stuck to teaching our subjects..and by “we” I mean professors. I try to be “all math, all the time.”