Ok, Benchmark accepted

Off to a Bradley Men’s Basketball game in just a bit.

I woke up early (of course) though I didn’t set the alarm.
And once again…I went to bed with high hopes and woke up with “OMG…everything hurts..workout is gonna suck!”
And it wasn’t entirely true.

Deadlifts (last “find my max” workout: (all done conventional except for the final set)

6 x 145
6 x 189
1 x 233 (not bad)

3 misses at 270; best one got almost to the knees..last miss was pulled from 45 plates so the problem is NOT the “off the ground” part)
My pull is weak.

5 x 233 (ok)
5 x 233 (easier than the first set?)
5 x 233 (harder than set 2; easier than set 1)

No, I didn’t bounce the sets; every rep was full stop, pause 1/2 second.
6 x 145 stiff legs.

That finished me off.

Then a walk on a sunny, 20-25 degree day: 5.65 miles in 1:27:20 (15:27 pace)

I was just over 31 at Sterling and just over 32 on the way back.
Not super fast, but ok following the deadlifts. Next time I make it 10K.

Guess whose supporters irritate me the most?

Let me start off by saying that most supporters of most candidates are fine.
Most Sanders supporters are fine.
If I said this on Twitter I’d get flamed, but most Trump supporters are fine.

The same goes for the rest of the candidates.

But, riddle me this: if someone said “You are (deficient in some way: dumb, naive, stupid, ill informed, bigoted, etc) if you don’t support my candidate, who are they backing?

It has been my experience: these are MAGAs, Bern Victims or…yes, Warren supporters.

Now about the rabid MAGAs, I really don’t associate with many of them, so I rarely encounter them. I did on one thread, where I complained about Trump wearing a KAG hat during the Army-Navy coin flip.
About the Bern Victims: I don’t encounter many of them either as I tend to avoid arguments online; I talk to a few Bernie people on Facebook but there is a selection process there.

But I tend to see more Warren supporters, probably because I am an academic and she is “one of us” (ok, as much as “one of us” a full professor at Harvard can be).

Yes, have deep respect for her as a person and as a scholar; she really is top notch. But as a politician: well, I find her annoying, and some of it might be a “classical conditioning” reaction to her podium mannerisms.
Others must have a negative reaction as well, given her weak approval numbers (bottom 10 among Senators) by her own constituents (per Morning Consult)

And she has some baggage: she is a favorite of the educated “activists” which means she is well versed in “woke speak.” And that is just stuff that others do not relate to. She kind of reminds one of the HR person who micro-manages approved workplace behavior and polices your jokes, etc.

And while that might make her appealing to feminist liberal arts faculty members and to UU Church congregations, it turns off a lot of people. And THAT, I think it what enrages her more rabid supporters.

I could be wrong, but I think she is going to get massacred on Super Tuesday and might not win her own state.