Benchmarks and benches

I mixed it up a bit. I was bit sleepy eyed after last night exciting Bradley 61-57 victory over Southern Illinois. SIU blew us out there and, for a time, it appeared that BU would return the favor. Bradley lead 54-38 and appeared to be in control. Oops.

SIU went into a withering press defense and Bradley struggled …badly. Turn overs, rushed shots, 5 second calls…before you knew it…it was 57-57. But BU made 4 of 6 free throws toward the end of the game to pull it out.

This morning
Mostly upper body, though I did a few sets of weightless squats practicing the motion.

pull ups: 5 sets of 10, 1 of 5: went VERY well.
rotator cuff.

Clean and press: I decided to get a baseline here:
5 x 65
1 x 95
1 x 105
1 x 110 (had to work for this one)
1 x 115 (I missed my first clean attempt, got the second and made the lift…all the way, legal, but it was tough..this is my max)
6 x 85 and my deltoids were toast.

Note: my recent best was 110 from the rack, and that was much harder than the 115 I got.

incline press: 10 x 135 (very slow..almost 10 singles)
decline press: 5 x 175, 10 x 165 (funny how much easier 165 is than 175..only 10 lb.)
Hammer rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200.
plank and McKenzie

Then 3 mile run on the track with .25 mile walk. (lane 2) 10:41, 10:14, 8:48 (29:44). That final mile HURT. Ugh…got the old lung burn.

Lung burn…at an 8:44 pace. OMG…aging isn’t for sissies.