I am finally interested in the primary

Oh, so many questions! Here is what I think: today’s Democrat party is so fractured ..so many small groups: labor, African Americans, feminists, LGBTQ activists, intellectuals, Hispanics, Asians, yes, the moderately financially comfortable (and don’t like Trump)…and so many of these groups prefer someone different and want a different approach.

And Bloomberg is putting a ton of money into attacking Trump…if he commits to the race he might be a real player from the center.

I honestly think that New Hampshire and Iowa won’t be as important as it was during the Obama vs. Clinton primary.

So…who in the heck knows. Though my favorites are Klobuchar, Biden and Buttigieg (in that order), I’d be happy with NOT BERNIE.

Workout notes: I still have a mild cough..which is better. So I skipped yoga and shuffled my 5.1 mile hilly course in 1:02. Weather was perfect and my knees did NOT hurt..but my butt was sore from the pitiful squat/hex deadlift workout I did yesterday, and it wasn’t that much.

I never thought I’d ever be this bad at running.

But I am.