Simple incompetence more likely than malfeasance

No, we don’t know who won the Iowa caucuses as yet due to a coding a system that had not been properly tested.

Indeed this is embarrassing and perhaps worse, turnout was roughly what is was in 2016 when most felt Clinton was going to win.

Nevertheless, Iowa is really no longer a swing state; it is firmly Republican now. Bleah..

Workout notes: Vickie lead a good yoga session, and then I did a 10K-ish run: Basically the out and back along the river, with a detour due to the path under the I-74 bridge being closed, and I included 3 extra goose loop laps (4 in total). It took about 1:20 to do (I know, pretty slow) but it actually FELT easy…I quit because it was time to quit and not because my body couldn’t do anymore or because it hurt. It didn’t.

Hmmm…good sign, I think.