There are days like that

Well, on one hand, my weekly “deadlift contest” was a bit of a bust.
But I did get 3 reps with 244, which was my max as of the start of 2020, and that is progress.

Note: I had a nice set of goblet squats yesterday and I think that left me with fatigued legs this morning..I didn’t get the weight I wanted but I sure felt the burn in my legs.

6 x 145 conventional
2 x 189 conventional
2 x 189 sumo
1 x 233 conventional (an effort)
1 x 244 sumo (ok)
then misses at 270: 4 of them, and a miss with 266 sumo
3 x 244 conventional (HARD..left me exhausted)
6 x 189 conventional (for form)
6 x 132 hex (for fun)

My legs were just shot.

I think part of it might have been my getting over a cold; still it was a good deadlift workout and that is what matters.

I screwed around for a while…walked a mile on the treadmill and then just gave up…I didn’t want to be on it. I went outside and walked a convoluted, “completely shoveled” sidewalk course for about 1:13; I am sure it was a bit over 4 miles; I will not attempt to recreate what I did..Bradley ave, 3 times around the circle in front of Bradley Hall, past the dorms, a couple of arena loops..just all over the place. So this plus the treadmill mile is an easy 5 miles (8 km).

Gym commentary: I went online to look for “ways to improve your deadlift” and found some things; in my case, I am still “learning” the lift so I’ll do it 3 times a week, but light, for form plus Romanians one day, medium (say, 80-85 percent) one day, then my hard day: maybe alternate weeks of “reps/singles”. I did find this online. This photo was included.

She is doing either a Romanian or a stiff legged deadlift. But note the lifter’s feet: they are on a wedge of some sort to put her toes in dorsiflexion; I might try that as yoga and racewalking (or “faster walking”) has kind of stretched out my hamstrings. Even when I am careful to keep a flat back I don’t get that much of a stretch as I can touch my toes with straight knees.

Last night
The Bradley women rolled over Valpo 90-69. The first half was moderately competitive with the Crusaders getting 7 3 point shots to keep them in the game. BU took that away in the second half and kept the pressure on.

The bitter cold kept many fans away (elderly fan base). But the Bradley team is fun to watch and have an excellent shot at an NCAA bid.

The men won at Carbondale today; they built of a 43-22 lead with a few seconds left in the first half (43-25 at the half); SIU rallied to lead 57-56 but BU kept its composure and lead 69-65 with a 2 seconds. A desperation 3 point shot went in at the buzzer but it was “too little, too late.”