Feeling bad but doing ok anyway

Yes, I have a cold; the cough is there.

So I figured I’d just do a “full motion” workout and not worry about how much weight I was using.

And..it went ok. Bodyweight: 191 so it has come down nicely.

pull ups: 4 sets of 10, one of 7, one of 5 (kind of quick)
rotator cuff
bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185 (better than average), 7 x 165
incline: 10 x 135
decline: 5 x 175 (surprisingly hard)
shoulder presses: 2 sets of 4 x 95 (clean and press…lower it all the way down instead of just to parallel)
shoulder press: dumbbell: 10 x 45 (elbows out)
stiff legged deadlift: 2 sets of 6 x 95 (very careful)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 115
goblet squats (spread out) 6 x 25, 6 x 60, 6 x 70 (these were ok)
plank and headstand
then hex bar deadlifts in the gym: 2 sets of 5 x 185, 5 x 205 (full reps); I was tired by then..focused on legs.

I didn’t do the deads in the basement as I figured Hostage would want to talk when I got home.

Social comment:
More and more, I tune out activists. Here is why:

“If you support candidate X, I know this about you…”

And no. Just no. People can support candidate X at this time during this circumstance for a whole host of reasons that you haven’t thought of.
But to the “activist” it appears to be plain: you *must* have arrived at this conclusion by considering the same points that I consider first.

Also: I know that I have doubts about my opinions; I am constantly wondering if I am wrong, or if I have missed something. It appears to me that introspection and activism do not go together.

Why such people have such confidence in their own opinions, I’ll never know.

But as for me: “activists” of this type end up on my “mute list” very quickly.