One week and counting

Last night: Chiefs game with Vickie and Harry. Chiefs fell behind 5-1, were down 6-3 in the bottom on the ninth and tied the game! It was 6-6, bases loaded …0 out…and ….spectacular catch by the short stop to rob us of a game winning hit..then a pop infield fly for 2 outs…and then…full count…strike out. Argh.

Quad cities got 2 runs in the 10’th to win.

Workout notes: got to the pool late; swim team was there (grrr) but I got a lane anyway.

600 of strokes (breast,side, free)

400 of 50 drill, 50 swim (fins)

200 of 50’s on the 1:30 (fist) 59, 59, 57, 60

200 of 50’s on the 1:30 54, 55, 56, 55 (tired)

600 of alternating 100 fins, 100 free in 13:12 (10:58 for 500) (time ran through equipment changes)

Then a slightly different 2.2 mile walk.

Given how slow the walk was, pain was low..not really noticeable until the 1.7 mile mark or so.

Note: right shoulder slightly sore..afterward.