Weird back day

Today I wanted to walk a little, swim, and scout out my projected noon walk home. Here is how it went:

PT (no banded walks at first, mostly the lying down stuff)

2 mile walk (had intended 1 mile but was at 1.4 when I got home so…) Some discomfort toward the end but not like the limp fests of several months ago.

PT (banded walk, standing psoas marches, hip hikes, etc. )

1 mile walk: as pain free as it gets for me..there was a reason for that.

PT (again, light stretches)

Later: 11 am swim: 2200 yards. Did something different

800 of alternating side/free, back/free

200 of back and free

300 of 25 drill, 25 swim.

6 x 50 free on the 1:30: 49, 48, 48, 47, 47, 47

100 in 1:40

100 back

100 in 1:40 (disappointed)

50 back

250 in 4:36 (pull)

Weight: 203.1 before (water), 201.7 after. I have gone down some.

Back/glute: I was bothered some (glute) when swimming; had to do some stretching. It felt best when I was doing the intervals. I have to learn to streamline and tighten the abs.

The second walk (1 miler) felt much better than the first, but ..while Garmin might have inflated my pace a bit, 14:07 is an improvement on the 14:2x which was my previous best for this course.

Now IF I can improve with more PT, weight loss, and walking where I can maintain this pace for a 5K …I should meet my goal of a pain free 5K.

But I probably need to lose 10-15 lb and walk more, even if it means my 1 mile here, 1 mile there sorts of walks.