Near the end of summer

Personal note: I think that I know where I want to go..IF I can get there.

Issues posts: I am not a high profile person. But many who work in high profile science posts catch heat from a wide assortment of quacks, conspiracy nuts and morons, and it can take a toll. In this case, the scientist was talking about public health and COVID related issues.

Sadly, when it comes to pandemic, what a crackpot does affects others; this isn’t a simple matter of “well, they get sick and may die..that is their problem.”

Politics In the Texas governor’s race (not a close race, so it really doesn’t matter in this case) Beto O’Rourke cursed out a heckler. NPR published an article which basically says “this doesn’t help his election turns people off” and of course, there were responses such as “it shouldn’t matter”, “I like it,”, etc. Liberals are always going on about tone policing or about how “civility aids the oppressor”, etc.

But what is undeniably true is that you cannot make someone vote for you; you have to persuade them and there are some actions that turn more people off than they persuade. Same holds for MAGA candidates.

But liberals who should know better struggle mightily with this concept; my guess is that they are used to yelling and getting their way (sort of) on college campuses. But it does not work that way in the voting booth.

Today’s workout: this might be what my early semester workouts look like: PT, swim, PT 2, walk.

The swim: 500 meters of off strokes.
400 meters of 50 drill, 50 fins (new Zoomer fins …these really work well)

100 meter with zoomers 1:43 (they way I should swim without them)

200 3:59 followed by 100 side

100: 1:54, 1:55 (on the 3)
50: 54, 55, 54, 55 (on the 1:30)

100 side

cruise 200: 4:10 keeping it long.

Then the walk; no discomfort at all until 1.7 or so into it and even then, it was mild.