1.5 weeks and counting

Let’s get it this afternoon.

Workout: PT, drive to the pool, 2000 meters, then a sort of rough 2 mile walk (felt it mostly in the second half; not terrible…come to think of it, a lot like last week.)

I think I got “too much credit” on my Garmin on the way out; not enough on the way back. LOL.

The fastest walks are the most pain free. Go figure. I was sort of tired when I started this one.

Swim: 600 warm up (back stroke is still crooked)
400 of 50 drill, 50 fins (love the yellow zoomers)

500 in 10:28 (I should be sub 10 but ok)
100 easy with fins
6 x 50 on the 1:30: 55 each (one 56)

then 100 in 1:55; can’t break out of the rut.

One hopeful sign: my 50 meter pool times for my swim (in meters) are now faster than my beginning 25 yard times (in yards). Not sure what that means.

Oh, 4’th of July: 10:52 for 500 (24 seconds faster) and today’s 500 was done at 2:05.6…which was my “fast” 100 meter on the 4’th of July. That is progress..albeit not outstanding.