What Black Lives Matter means to me

No, this is not a valid statistical study. But watch:

By the way, they had the wrong guy. Yes, this is a different police force..but..

And listen to a conservative Republican:

So, what does Black Lives Matter mean to me?

It does not mean that I embrace “critical race theory”, Marxism or other theories that a BLM website might have or that others might espose.
It does not mean that I approve of everything that someone with BLM chants at a protest.
It does not mean that I approve of rioting or looting.
It does not mean that I approve of things like this:

It does not mean that I deny that there are Black criminals.
It does not mean that I think that some who are arrested behave badly or foolishly.
It does not mean that I dislike the police. I like the police, in general.

It means that I think, statistically speaking, Black people are treated worse that non-black people in the same situation and I think that is unjust.

Let’s have a more fair, more just society. Let every citizen be judged by their own actions.

And, it sure appears that Black lives are not as valued by society as non-black lives.

13 to go…

Week 1 gone..3 class days. It will be a loooooong semester. But I’ll try to be efficient. And I am grateful for employment; this pandemic has to end sometime. And no, it isn’t over now.


6:10-7:20 (after early warm up)
pull ups: hot garbage at first; quality better toward the end 5-5-5-5, 10 singles, 5-5-5-5
bench press: 10 x 132, 5 x 165, 5 x 171, 5 x 176, 3 x 181, 3 x 181
shoulder press: 3 sets of 10: 79, 82, 88 (seated)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134
pull ups: 5 singles (penalty set)
push ups: 3 sets of 20 on the 2 (start a new set every 2 minutes. Ouch.

It was gross outside: 73 F, 91 percent humidity.