Trying to figure it out

Ok, the glute pain sort of came back around mile 3-ish..some tingles..yes, this was the day after deadlifts (2 sets) but I didn’t do the “deadlift stretch” either that I did on Tuesday. But it wasn’t bad; just annoying.

I did 3 loops of my course (about 1:31:30 at the end of 3 loops; 30:20, 30:20, 30:50 for each 2.1 mile loop; last mile was a slacker 15:17 mile as I was tired and was just ready to go through the motions.

Still, my virtual FANS 24 hour walk: 7 hours, 3 minutes for 27.3 miles. Yeah, that is pretty bad for a race but what the heck..this is really a participation thing.

COVID19: nah, our country isn’t taking it seriously enough:

Exponential growth is tough for people to wrap their heads’ around:

No, young people will NOT do “social distancing” (not enough of them anyway)

And in Ohio, one person going to church spread it to 91 others. And given a 1 percent mortality rate and a 20 percent hospitalization do the math. He probably killed someone.