glute pain part N

Dang it; the piriformis flared up a bit; I could feel it last night. Lax on the back stretches? Not the right warm up? Too stiff legged on my gait?
I am not back to the drawing board, but recovery from this sort of thing is “3 steps forward, 1 back”

Still, 15:44 was ok of a pace; not great but, ok. 5 miles; 59.4 miles in with 15:30 down out of 24 hours. Ironically, I am way behind my “do it all at once” PR pace.

Saturday: do the “deadlift” stretch first, hip hikes, etc, etc. and try for the longer walk. I feel guilty doing this virtual ultra in “bits and spurts” but I am just not ready to do it in full size chunks (they recommend 3 hours or less for each session)