Shiny new plates

A shout out to Weigh it Out where they will cut you new steel weight plates. Day one with ’em: love ’em.

They fit well…they advertise accuracy (I didn’t weigh them myself, TBH) but …they are dense because they are steel and they FEEL heavier than my usual plates. There is a reason for that. Roughly speaking, the smaller area to lift the plates (when you pick them up) means more pressure AND the brain does its own internal calculation as to how much force to exert.

I saw that when I brought the boxes in: the four 10 lb, two 5 lb box had 50 lb of weight in it, but the box was compact, as opposed to the 45 lb boxes (two of them).

Oh, the lifting? Same old…nothing has changed; my current weights weren’t “light”

warm up (piriformis is tight; tried the “how does your legs rotate” test..huge difference in sides) 4:50 into this video:

I need to do these: the workout:

pull ups: 10, then 8 sets of 5, 10 singles (60) went ok
bench press: 10 x 134, 9 x 164, 9 x 164 (decent)
rows: 3 sets of 8 x 134 trap bar
seated shoulder: 3 sets of 10 with 79, 83, 83
trap dead: 10 x 184, 10 x 184 deficit, 10 x 204 deficit (all done slowly and delibertly)
plank (2:30)

About 80 minutes, as usual. Maybe 70?

off for more course prep.