Probably no convention bounce but…is one really needed?

As far as persuasion: if you still think that Trump is doing a good job there is nothing at this point that will persuade you otherwise.
So it is just a matter of getting the not-Trump vote to show up, and it sure looks like that is what will happen. Maybe. FiveThirtyEight says that Biden has about a 73 percent chance. So, random NBA player is at the line shooting one free throw. If he makes it, Biden wins. And yes, that is MORE likely than a miss, but…well, we’ve seen plenty of misses.
Betting markets: 60/40 Democrats.

Well, we’ve seen this before, but Biden just doesn’t carry the controversy that Hillary Clinton did…though …to be honest, I’d rather have her as POTUS than him. But he is better positioned to win.

Still, the political sides really do not “get” one another.

This whole thread is good, but at least read the first 2:

And no, I do NOT believe that “liberals are smart.” There are a LOT of stupid ones. And there are smart ones..and yes, smart conservatives.

Of course, conservatives don’t get “us” either. I’ll write about that at a later time.

getting warmed up

Today’s workout: really not that bad.

Deadlifts 10 x 134, 10 x 184 (at a deficit: stood on 10 kg plates)
5 x 224 (easy)
5 x 244 (not that bad)
4 x 254 (not easy, but not torture)
couldn’t get myself to honestly try 274..probably too tired.
Then some glute exercises with and w/o 44 lb plate. Note: left glute IS weaker

Then 5.15 walk at 14:49 (finished faster than I started)

no glute pain at all. Go figure.

About the deadlifts: yes, 224 was more than I could do a year ago, and 254 is more than I could do at the start of this year. Progress wasn’t as fast as I wanted but any progress at all is ok.