Just the facts

Today; 10K walk in 1:28:16 (14:13 pace); last 2 miles were 28:03. Yes, the piriformis tingled (slightly hurt); I did take naproxen first. But the life was there in the legs, and posture, posture, posture.
I need to work on that gluteus medius. And I’ll cut back a bit when this virtual ultra (walking) is over.

So, how to fill in those final 3:56? My first goal is 85 miles; second goal is 90. That shouldn’t be too tough.


It was Tracy time (short visit, social distancing)

And our 6 pm “gang of 3 bunnies” showed up.

College: well, somehow I think that we won’t get social distancing from the students.

Sure, in my department, most of our courses are online anyway, though that is due to large section sizes and classrooms that can’t hold them in a responsible way.